Will Microsoft’s Kinect Pricing be Their Downfall?

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the pricing and bundle options for the Kinect, Microsoft’s answer to motion controls. The Kinect sensor can read your body, enabling you to fully experience video games through body movement. The price for the sensor? $149.99. Well it does come with the Kinect Adventures game. Note that this doesn’t come with the Xbox 360, and that price alone is only $50 less than the Nintendo Wii bundle, which contains motion-sensing controllers, 2 games, and the Nintendo Wii console. The Kinect sensor and game is also $50 more than the Playstation Move package with their motion controller and packaged game.

The Kinect has their own Xbox 360 bundle too, and that’s going to cost you $299.99. It comes with the new low-end 4GB model, the Kinect Adventures game, and the Kinect sensor. Is the pricing too high? It does beat out the Playstation 3 Sports Champions Move bundle by $100. But with the Playstation 3 bundle, you get the 120GB PS3 slim, compared to a 4GB Xbox 360.

In Microsoft’s defense, the Kinect doesn’t require you to use a controller, wand, or balance board, so you can say that their technology is superior enough to warrant the high price.

The one thing that Microsoft has both Sony and Nintendo beat…The Ubisoft Training Babe. Hot! Hot! Hot! Check out the videos below for a close-up shot, and a far shot of the perverted camera man with the close-up shot. Ok, you caught me, guilty as charged.



The Kinect will available November 4, 2010.

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