Watermelon Cooler – Just What Everybody Needs

Have you ever gotten ready for a bonfire and noticed that there is no way in hell you’re going to fit that watermelon in a cooler?  Well, leave it to the Japanese to invent something so convenient and at the same time so unnecessary.  Behold…the Portable Watermelon Cooler, for all of your on-the-go watermelon needs. Okay it’s weird, but what does it do?  Well according to this badly translated web page (thanks Google) from makers JoyBond:

Roundly it cools every as for “the cartridge” spring summer Siyuutou, according to season it warms with when OK.

With outdoor furthermore showing the feature! As for the day when the summer is hot every in inserting the watermelon “the cartridge” roundly, in the sea bathing GO! Because it is cigar socket correspondence, in the car the [hi] it is to the core doing.

And, in cold season as a warm warehouse warehouse large participation! If the can coffee and the tea, the meat [ma] and so on it is in you insert “the cartridge”, warm way it is possible with anytime to receive tastily.

And, it can receive the new rice tastily by the fact that also the United States cools at fixed temperature.

What? So it’s kinda like a refrigerator, that uses cartridges, and the watermelon can take a sea bath? That’s one fancy ass Watermelon Cooler, and for $230 (19,950 Yen), it’s a steal. Besides, the design alone is worth the…wait a minute?  I’ve seen this before:

Ah HA! The ole Fisher Price Corn Popper

Source: Gizmodo

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