Straight Out of DEAD SPACE – Planet Cracking is Real!

If you have by chance played the awesomeness that is DEAD SPACE, you know the horrible events the led up to the game was a result of Planet Cracking.  Planet Cracking is when a large ship literally splits open a planet, to mine the planet for various resources.  We saw how well it worked for the USG Ishimura, why not try it for real right?

Scientist have been studying asteroids for a while and what they’ve found is that asteroids carry large amounts of platinum. Like a lot…twice the amount that is currently in ever rapper’s grillz.  It is reported that one average 500-meter-wide asteroid contains billions of dollars worth of metal, more than any amount ever been mined in human history.  It turns out that japan already has one leg up on us.

In 2003 they launched Hayabusa, which landed on an asteroid several million miles from Earth, and returned safely with asteroid materials inside.  Since then the spacecraft landed twice in November 2005.  So forget the middle east, space is where the really money’s at.  And besides, what’s the worst that can happen?

...oh yeah, that.

Source: Examiner

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