New Thor and Captain America Images During Comic-Con Week

Paramount and Marvel is pimping out the Thor hype with new photos these past days, especially since Comic-Con is right around the corner. The photo of Thor lifting Mjolnir with his big arms looks epic, courtesy of USA Today.

Here is a concept artwork done by Charlie Wen, and it’s dated 2009! Who knows how many of these beautiful babies are still in hiding.

And let’s not forget about Chris Evan’s Captain America. Here’s a concept artwork by Ryan Meinerding, done this year in 2010. This one looks even more badass, being set in World War II, with Caps in his WWII uniform. Nazis wouldn’t have a hard time searching for him, but then again, Caps doesn’t need to hide. These artworks were released at Yahoo Movies.

Expect to see some more surprises this week as Comic-Con rolls over. BTW, these artworks will be in poster form exclusively at Comic-Con, so if you’re able to get tickets, buy these guys now!

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