Hamill & Conroy to Lead Star-Studded Cast for DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced that Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill and Kevin Conroy will be reprising their roles as the iconic Joker and Batman respectively for the new DC Universe Online game. Mark Hamill is and will always be my favorite version of the Joker (sorry Heath). And Kevin Conroy as Batman can show a nice, compassionate side as Bruce Wayne while showing fear to the criminal underworld as Batman without trying hard (I’m looking at you Christian Bale).

“We’re excited that not only will Mark and Kevin bring their talent back to the DC Universe as part of DC Universe Online, but we’ve hit the jackpot with a full cast that are veterans of movies, TV shows and games that our fans are crazy about,” said Sony Online Entertainment Vice President of Development, John Blakely.  “Several of these actors are recognized as the definitive voices for these characters, and will help us in creating an authentic and exciting experience for fans when they get in the game.”

Joining Mark and Kevin will be an all-star cast. The man to play the man of steel will be none other than Adam Baldwin (Chuck, Independence Day).

Wonder Woman will be played by Morpheus’ wife, Gina Torres (The Matrix sequels, Hercules: The Legendary Journey).

James Masters, best known for his character Spike from the Buffy series, will be Lex Luthor.

And Michelle Forbes (True Blood, Battlestar Galactica) will be playing Circe, the sorceress.

DC Universe Online is scheduled to ship on November 2, 2010 for the PS3 and PC.

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