Does Carmine Live or Die? You Decide!

Epic and the Child’s Play charity have banded together and are asking Xbox gamers to assist in deciding the fate of Clayton Carmine. Who is Clayton Carmine you ask?  Clayton is the third brother of the four Carmine brothers. If anyone remembers from the previous two Gears games, Ben Carmine got his head blown off by a sniper and Anthony Carmine fell out of a chopper and died a horrible death in the digestive tract of the gigantic worm that was sinking cities. Hopefully Clayton isn’t as dimwitted as his other two brothers. There is also a fourth brother, Madison Carmine, which has yet to be revealed.

Now back to the business at hand. The Xbox community will have the chance to decide Carmine’s fate in Gears 3 by purchasing one of two Avatar items from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Starting on July 29th, you will be able to buy either a “Save Carmine” or “Carmine Must Die” Avatar T-shirt. By purchasing either shirt, you will not only be voting for Carmine’s fate, but also making a contribution to the Child’s Play charity, as all proceeds from purchases go towards the organization.

Here’s some info on the Child’s Play charity:

“Child’s Play is a community-based games industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. Through their network of more than 60 hospitals and through the generosity of their community of donors, Child’s Play raises millions of dollars each year to donate games, consoles and toys to sick children.”

Also, as an added treat, check out some new screens from Gears of War 3 and before you ask, yes, that is Clayton Carmine and yes, he looks like a badass. I think I’ll be buying the “Save Carmine” shirt.

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