Red Faction: Armageddon – Time to Blow Sh1t Up!

THQ and Volition, the same studio/publisher combo that brought us Saints Row 1 & 2, has just released some new screenshots and trailer for the upcoming title, Red Faction: Armageddon. The game isn’t set for release until March 2011, but check out these latest screens and trailer.

“The smallest and least intelligent of the Plague, the Creepers are quick and attack in packs. They like to get the drop on you from above, so keep your head up and wits about you. Once you have them on the ground, a good head stomp should do the trick.”

“Originally used for mining operations in hard to reach areas, the Magnet Gun is equipped with a powerful gyroscope crafted from a rare Martian ore with special magnetic properties. The MG is able to hurl massive objects together across large distances by creating a gigantic paramagnetic field. All you have to do is mark an attracter and anchor point to get things moving.

“Creativity is key when using the MG for combat purposes. Look for ways to maximise the damage by pulling together anything in sight, like a giant propane tank and a stalactite full of the Plague.”

  • Primary Attack: Pulls two targets together with great force
  • Pros: Ability to damage targets over wide area
  • Cons: Downtime while targets are drawn to each other

“By temporarily overloading the Nano Forge’s power source, you can create a devastating nanite-infused shockwave around yourself. Any enemies in the radius of the burst are knocked off the ground and immobilised in midair for a short period of time.

“While in this state your opponents are vulnerable to attacks from the Magent Gun, the Singularity Cannon… or whatever else you may have at your disposal.”


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