Roger Craig Smith: The Fastest Thing Alive

You know him as Sega’s mascot around since the days of the Genesis. He has been in more games than you can count, and recently in a crossover sports game with Nintendo’s big mascot, Mario.

For years now Sonic has been going through different voice actors, most notably Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel, during the Saturday morning 90’s cartoon series. Since moving to the Dreamcast, Ryan Drummond gave the video game character life. Anthony Griffith has since taken the reigns for the newer Sonic series games.

Now say hello to the new voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, Roger Craig Smith. He voices anime and video game characters for some high-ranking series including Naruto, Bleach, Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5, Ezio in Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood, just to name a few. Now add Sonic the Hedgehog to the list of voices. How will he do? Only time and trailers will tell. But I think he’ll do fine, since the Blue Hedgehog’s voice has that cocky cool pitch.

Roger Craig Smith‘s first work as Sonic will be Sonic Colors for Wii and DS, followed by Sonic Free Riders for the Kinect.

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