Red Dead Redemption Time-Lapse: One of the Wonders of the World

Wow, this thing is…breathtaking! To say that video game isn’t art is bollocks, especially after watching the beauty of the in-game graphics coming to life on its own. The guys over at Eurogamer took the time to create this time-lapse, speeding the footage up to 120 fps.

Thanks to the Rage engine and Rockstar San Diego’s development skills, the beauty of the world of Red Dead Redemption has been captured. You can see the shadow move with the clouds, sun, and moon according to where the light source is. The water effects are nice too. The sun effect looks dreamy, with the sun flare in full effect during the sunrise and sunset. We can’t embed the video here, but you can check out the link to see this sucker in action below.

Eurogamer described the easy process of capturing the game’s world. Capturing the world was made possible by the “afk” function, where the game would contain no HUD and would choose a random spot and show off the horizon of the game’s western setting in real time. Have some clean underwear ready.

Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion

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