Gundemonium Collection Review

As days of Ikaruga fades, there aren’t that many bullet hell (shoot ’em up/schmup) games available in the American video game market. Rockin’ Android is here to solve that problem. Rockin’ Android localizes many traditional bullet hell games that are put out by smaller companies in Japan. For some time, they have been releasing their games on PC’s only, but recently Rockin’ Android has released 3 of their more popular bullet hell game on the PlayStation Network.

Hitogata Happa

The most different of the three games released. This game is the traditional top-down shooter bullet hell game that fans have come to love. The game, however, adds a few unique spins to the familiar genre. Instead of having a given amount of life, the players will have to buy their “dolls”, which is the equivalent of lives in this game. What’s so special about it, is that each doll has their specific bullet pattern, bomb effect, and mana effect. The players now can decide which doll they want to use for each stage and purchase them using the points they gain from playing through each stage. There are a total of 8 different dolls to choose from. Seven of them are unlocked as soon as you play through prologue, with the last one being made available after the game has been cleared at least one time. Since each doll has its specialty, it is up to the players to figure out their own combination of dolls they are comfortable with.

This is probably the most challenging game in this entire collection. Using a bomb in the game will require players to ram into enemies kamikaze style, costing them a precious life, and to make matters worse, each boss fight allows only 90 seconds to finish. It gets harder once they go into ultimate mode and start to shoot bullets out in true bullet hell fashion. Once the doll dies, it is instant game over.

This game will take up a lot of time to play and beat, and should be saved for last. Warming up to this genre of the games with the other two of this collection is probably the best thing to do, for returning players and newcomers alike. Jumping straight into this game is recommended for long time bullet hell veterans only.


This is a very different game compared to Hitogata Happa. For starters, this game is left-right oriented, instead of top down. Also, this game is a lot easier to play, and has a somewhat confusing, but useful, health system. As far as the health system goes, each character gets a damage bar which refills over time. As long as that bar is filled up to the tick mark, the characters won’t get damaged. They will also release the bomb when too much damage is taken. Without it, the character will lose a heart each time they take a specific amount of damage.

This game is significantly easier to beat than the rest, due to the new health system and the auto bomb. This game introduces the ability to reverse the character’s orientation, so that the character can turn around and shoot enemies that are coming from behind. There are 2 characters available from the start, with a third character being unlocked after the game is cleared. Just like the other games, it will probably take a while to get used to the gameplay style, but afterwards, beating this game will be a breeze.

This should be the first game to try out from the collection. It will ease the players into the genre and give returning players a little chance to warm up before taking on the harder ones.

Gundemonium Recollection

This game is almost exactly the same as GundeadliGne with a few minor differences. First of all, the characters in this game cannot turn around and shoot enemies coming from behind. Secondly, this game has a slightly different interface. Also, this game has a total of six characters to choose from, five at the beginning and an unlockable sixth one. Like I said, there aren’t that many differences between this game and GundeadliGne. Considering that these games are direct sequels, it makes sense to have the same similarities, whereas Hitogata Happa is technically a prequel to the series.

This game is slightly harder to beat than GundeadliGne, but it is still a game where anyone can pick up and enjoy themselves with.

Overall this entire series is a great time killer, with all the possible trophies and secret characters to unlock, players will spend hours on these three games just for the unlockables. All three have a practice mode on top of the actual story mode, which gives players a chance to practice various stages before they jump into the real game. There are also screenshot capabilities in the game, which makes it easy to share screens to other people. The best feature of this game is the option to save replays and have it be uploaded onto YouTube to share with friends. These games also support remote play, which means they can also be played on the go from anywhere that has internet access.

The games can be bought separately for $5.99 each on the PlayStation Network.  Gundemonium Collection bundle is available for PC players from Rockin’ Android’s website and includes a 24 page art book and the complete soundtrack disk for just $19.99. Digital versions of each game can also be found on places such as Direct2drive and Gamersgate. More games are already available for the PC and is aiming for an early 2011 release for the remainder of the games on PlayStation Network.


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