Inception Brain Twisters: What’s Your Opinion? (Spoilers)

What exactly happened in this movie?  You can argue with my answers, simply answer a question, or make up your own questions and answers.  Feel free to post your favorite and least favorite thing about the movie.


Question #1

At the beginning of the movie, and near the end, there is a scene in which Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is talking to Saito (Ken Watanabe, the Japanese man).  What is going on with this scene?

Answer #1

Saito gets killed in the dream and therefore is stuck inside of it.  Cobb doesn’t kick out of the dream, so he is stuck as well.  They are both old because they’re been in the dream world for so long.  I think Cobb is using the top that never stops spinning to try and convince Saito that he’s living in a dream and needs to get out of it.

Question #2

At the end of the movie the top is seen spinning, but we don’t know if it will continue to do so or not.  Is Cobb still in the dream?

Answer #2

I personally think that he’s in the real world at the end of the movie.

The fact that he rejects his wife would suggest that he’s done with the dream world, even if it means he won’t hold onto the memories of Mal.

Earlier in the dream world he couldn’t bear to look at his kid’s faces, but at the end he is ecstatic to see them.

There is a scene in which Cobb is trying to convince Saito that he’s in a dream, and both of them are old (Cobb and Mal grew old in the dream earlier in the movie).  After that scene we see that Cobb and the rest of the Inception crew are on the airplane, and that they’ve accomplished their mission.

On the other hand, It is perfectly debatable that Cobb is forever stuck in the dream, and that he creates a false reality for himself in which he escapes the dream.  The fact that the last dream is Cobb’s dream is more possible proof that Cobb is still in dream land.

Favorite thing about the movie: I like that Nolan went really in-depth with dreams and how they function in the movie.  For example, a few seconds of real-world time is a lot more in the dream, and a few seconds in a dream is a lot more time than in a dream within a dream etc.  The idea of being able to kick out of dreams was pretty cool as well.  Last but not least, the idea that things happening in the real world affect dreams was interesting to see, and even produced that cool anti-gravity fight in Dream #2.

Least favorite thing about the movie: I didn’t like the third dream as much as the rest of the movie (the snowy army base).  This dream added a bit of comic relief, but I felt that they had spent enough time on this one mission.  Perhaps if it were done a bit differently, I would have liked it more.

Really though, this movie is fantastic, and I believe it to be a milestone in cinema for its execution.  The idea may or may not be original, but there’s no doubt that with how complex this movie can be, the fact that I understood it all is in no small part due to Christopher Nolan’s greatness as a director.

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