Trinity Universe Review

System: Playstation 3
Publisher: NISA
Category: RPG
Available Now

NISA brings another cross-over game in Trinity Universe. The previous title, Cross Edge, featured characters from NISA, Gust, Banpresto, and Idea factory in a full on RPG that was a little slow and was fairly tough to take on. This time Trinity Universe, designed by Idea factory, takes everything that could have been better in Cross Edge and creates a whole new dungeon crawler RPG.

Trinity Universe focuses on 2 characters, the “Demon Dog King” Kanata and the “Space Valkyrie” Rizelea. Both characters, each with their own story, are availble for your choosing at the beginning of the game. Each characters paths cross on more than one occasion as Rizelea tries to capture Kanata. What makes this game more hilarious and interesting, are the character sidequests and the interactions. Kanata and his “caretaker” Tsubaki, recruits Etna and the infamous Prinny squad (only one fights) from Disgaea series and Pamela, the ghost from Atelier series, which likes to scare people like the Prinnies.  Rizelea on the other hand, gets Dark Hero Lucius and his “Tension Gauge” hair antenna that senses danger, Violet from the Atelier series, who is an alchemist and lastly, Fallen Angel Flonne. She has dubbed herself “Universal Witch Girl Galaxy Flonne” and is out to get revenge on Etna for stealing her Mark III.

That’s about 5 characters per story, which isn’t bad, but there are also 4 extra characters you can recruit on each team by meeting certain requirements. Two through the story, one by money, and the last one only by completing the true path, which is met by beating both character’s story on good or best ending. I won’t spoil any of them other than one being a cute assassin idol who loves the spot light, like making grand entrances before she tries to assassinate (Does that remind you of anyone?). Once you reach the final chapters, both teams merge together to total 14 characters all together.

The premise of the game is simple. The game takes place in the region of the Netherverse. Items drift from around the nether world and other galaxies to this one location, which risks the town’s safety. Normally, a Demon God Gem is used to prevent the damage, but the previous Gem is weakening and Kanata is next in line to be the gem. He has been locked up most of his life and when Tsubaki helps him escape, he in turn wants to explore and have an adventure as much as he can like a child. Rizelea, a valkyrie, wants to find out why so many things are drifting to the area and wants to end it. In turn, she finds out about the “Demon God Gem” and tries to find Kanata to end the problems and also blackmailing Lucius into helping her or turning him over.

The time it takes to complete this game is all in the player’s hands. You can rush through the game or take your time and level up, but for the most part the game is very repetitive. Enter a dungeon, exploring it by collecting synthesis materials, fighting in random enemy encounters and finally taking on the dungeons boss and repeat. Some dungeons will have you take out the gravity core while others are story driven and do it for you. Either way you have a time limit on how fast you can escape. If you don’t escape, you will float away to another area where you must find a way to get back. You are given points for all your hard work, which will open up more for you. A lot of the game is story driven and leveling up isn’t as hard as the fighting style. The fighting style of the game is very fun, allowing you an AP bar (ala Cross Edge), which allows each character to combo attack. Using X, square, and triangle, gives you different attack options. By learning special combos, you can chain long attacks and circle allows you to use magic abilities. The game goes far beyond a basic style with the combo system but also adds a tag out system which allows for extended combos and even team super combos, that can do some real damage. Plus, its fun to see Etna and a Prinny own Lucius.

The game is fully customizable from weapons, armors, and attachments. Many of them are bought or synthesized in workshops from items collected in dungeons. So taking your time exploring every dungeon will give you the ability to create the most powerful armor and weapons to help you slice through any enemy. An added bonus is the online ability of the game, while nothing big, a ranking allows you to see your rank from your total points from dungeon exploring. It was sad seeing myself going from number 200 to 800 while I was gone for a week, but then again there is a trophy for 1 million points.

Trinity Universe‘s story is excellent and hilarious. Prinnies and Pamela work great together, but then again Prinnies by themselves are the best. I wonder if there are over 9,000 dood!!! (In game joke, check it out). The dungeons aspect can get boring after awhile because you’re doing it for so long. In the end, I quickly aim straight for the boss and skipped the dungeon while only leveling when I have to. The game is very easy to pick up and even offers a “New Game Plus”, allowing you to carry over almost everything but starts over. That can be sort of a bummer, having leveled up my characters to level 110 to start all over again. It’s not too bad starting over though, since you carry over all your inventory you’ve collected. Luckily with NISA doing weekly DLC for Trinity Universe, it helps those out who just can’t get that one weapon they need, DLC you might just get you that chance.


Grade: A-

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