Nippon Ichi America Announces its Upcoming Line Up

Overall NISA seems to be going to have a pretty fun year for gamers, I’m a huge fan of the Atelier Series and have been waiting for more to come over to America (still waiting on Ellie and Marie series) but beggars can’t be choosers, and with Ar Tonelico 3 my collection will be complete.

Z.H.P. aka Zettai Hero Project looks hilarious and everything you came to enjoy from other Nippon Ichi titles which I want to get my hands on when I get a chance.

Cladus reminds me of another game I played recently….can’t remember which, something with a 3D in the title and I think had something to do with a hero? Can’t remember for the life of me but it was a game I played for hours and created a lot of characters including a Laharl, but now I can make a 2D Prinny even better, but this time random generated dungeons?! I can say I look really forward to some handheld and PS3 fun.

Posted on US Playstation Blog by Nao Zook!

“Hello everyone! NIS America just held our annual press event in San Francisco, and we’ve announced several new titles!

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are three titles we will be releasing in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. First of all, Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel for the PlayStation 3 will be released in Spring of 2011! Nobody saw this coming, right?

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel is the final entry in the Ar tonelico series. There will still be song magic features, but the battle system has changed drastically. It is now an action-based battle system, and there is an eye popping twist to it as well… literally. You’ll be experiencing some edgy and kinky special moves the Ar tonelico girls pull off in this game! But we’ll talk about that a little later.

The game features all new characters with a new story, so even if you are new to the Ar tonelico series, you won’t have any problems getting into it! And if you have been a fan of the series… thank you for waiting patiently for this announcement! Ar tonelico Qoga will be released in Spring of 2011. Check out some of the Japanese screenshots until we have more to show!

Let’s move on to the next announcement. We will release two Nippon Ichi Software PSP titles in fall! They are… “Cladun: This is an RPG” and “Z.H.P. : Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman”!

Cladun will be released only on PlayStation Network. It is a retro-looking dungeon crawler RPG with (almost) unlimited customization for your equipment, Magic Circle (character battle formation), character features, and even the last boss! The dungeons will randomly change all the time, so even if you re-visit a dungeon, the traps, enemies, dungeon map, and more will be different. It is a PSN-only title, but don’t underestimate its endless replay value! Check out the trailer below. Also, check back on for the official Cladun website, which will launch around 5pm Pacific Time today!


Z.H.P. is NIS’s new strategy RPG. The ridiculously over-the-top story and characters make you feel right back in familiar NIS territory. The story goes something like this: The main character (you) is an ordinary shy young man. One day, walking on the street after getting some stuff from a convenience store, he witnesses a car accident! Oh no! The victim was the hero, the Unlosing Ranger, supposed to be at the Last Boss Battle to save the world… The hero asks the young man to take over his mission to save the world from the Last Boss, Darkdeath Evilman. Unable to refuse the hero’s last wish, the young man became the weakest, wimpiest main character ever in videogame history!!


Z.H.P. will be released this coming Fall on both PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Network! Check out the trailer to see how deep this game is.

Hope you are excited about our new titles! Lastly, I have something very exciting news for Atelier Rorona fans: We have decided to make a premium package including a hard cover art book. The game and art book will come in a premium box with Rorona artwork on it! Yay! Also, we launched the official website for Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland! Enjoy!”

**A special message from Mr. Niikawa, Producer of Disgaea series and other NIS titles.

My name is Souhei Niikawa, and I am the producer of Nippon Ichi Software.
Thank you very much for coming to NIS America’s press event tonight.
From this year on, Nippon Ichi Software will limit the number of titles we release in a year.
We are doing  this to improve the game quality, and also to increase the customer  satisfaction.
The  games that have been showcased here tonight were strictly selected and  developed with this new policy. The first  title is  Z.H.P.
This  is our latest dungeon RPG that has been created by the same staff members of  Disgaea 3. The project began soon after the release of Disgaea 3 and for 2  years it has been under intense development to formulate the game system. We’re  proud to say that Z.H.P. was made to surpass the Disgaea series and, also it  is a title with all of our know how’s and ideas we build upon combined in  to. To  describe how confident we are about this title…
Let’s just say we’re as  excited as the time when we first developed Disgaea.
This is a  title that we would like to nurture into the level of Disgaea, so please help  us.
The 2nd title  is Cladun. This is a hack & slash type action RPG.
This title  also has some of the same staff members as Disgaea and it is highly  addictive.
As our wish  it would be great if you can help these 2 titles  grow.
Oh  and one last thing. This year the latest Disagea will be released in Japan and  it will be for the  PS3. Plans  to make Disagea evolve to a new level and also plans to surprise everybody is in  progress.
By  the time Tokyo Game Show comes around we will be able to release more  information, so please look forward to  it. Thank you very much.”
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