Tim Allen Signed on for Toy Story 4

Why Disney, Why?  The last one was so good and was a perfect way to end the franchise.  TheWrap.com has the scoop on Toy Story star Tim Allen’s contractual obligations for a fourth film.  I have to admit I kind of saw this coming.  After watching the ending of Toy Story 3 I immediately thought, “What’s going to happen when she gets older?”

According to the report, Tim Allen is signed up for the film, but the actual movie and involvement of the other actors have yet to be confirmed.  MSN Movies recently got to talk with Toy Story 3’s director Lee Unkrich about the possibility of a fourth film:

“I really tried my best to end the story of Andy and his toys and bring that story to a close in a really nice way at the end of [‘Toy Story 3’].”

“That being said, we know that people love the characters, love Woody and Buzz, and would hate to say good-bye to them completely. … We don’t have any plans for (a fourth movie) — but we are trying to find ways to keep the characters alive.

So is Buzz Lightyear pulling a Jack Sparrow “On Stranger Tides?” I guess I could see that, but only time will tell as we get more information.

Source: TheWrap, MSNMovies

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