APB: The Human Avatar – Stage 2 Done, Now Stage 3

The marketing team behind APB (All Points Bulletin) have been experimenting with the Human Avatar, a project that allows a chosen live player to go through a process of being transformed into a real life avatar for the game. There are 6 stages, and the internet gets to vote what style of haircut, piercing, clothes, and tattoos the player must get. Josh, a 25-year-old freerunner has been picked, and so far, it seems that the people are voting for the most ridiculous look for this poor guy. Well he should know what he signed up for.

For stage 2, the people voted for the blue cyber punk haircut.

Check out his Stage 2 Haircut process below.

And if you check www.thehumanavatar.com right now for stage 3, you can see that the snout ring is the winner. So expect Josh to get a piercing soon.

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