AX2010: May’n and Nakajima Concert with Yoko Kanno as Surprise Guest

Out of all the events and panels that took place at Anime Expo 2010, May’n and Megumi’s spectacular concert on July 2nd was by far the one I was looking forward to the most. Thankfully, it was everything I had dreamed about and even more. Honestly, I was just happy with this and nothing else at AX would’ve mattered. Now let’s get down to the actual concert!

One thing I really liked about this year’s AX was the return of the Nokia Plaza. I was unfortunate the miss AX2008, where I heard Shoko Nakagawa put on a spectacular live concert. The hall for Morning Musume during 2009, while very spacious, just didn’t have that concert atmosphere.

The concert was scheduled to start at 2:00 pm, yet hundreds of fans were still busy filing into the Nokia Theater. They will most likely delay the concert until everyone has made it their seats. Without much delay in the lines, I finally made it into the concert hall itself. It was much bigger than I thought! All that’s left is to wait for the concert to start. There was the standard protocol about taking photos or footage. If one was to be caught, they’d be immediately escorted out of the venue. Once the lights began to dim, it was time for the show to start.

May’n exploded onto the stage with an electrifying performance of Welcome to My Fan Club’s Night! (Macross Frontier), an appropriate title for a opener don’t you think? Within seconds of opening, everyone was already up and cheering like crazy monkeys. To be honest, it was rather troublesome to get up to stand for awhile. That energy spilled over into the next song as May’n eased into Northern Cross (Macross Frontier Ending Theme), another Macross Frontier song, and continued on until the end of the concert.The concert contained many little surprises throughout, but one of them really blew everything else out of the water. During Megumi Nakajima‘s Seikan Hikou, a very unexpected guest appeared. The ever enigmatic Yoko Kanno, doing a little dance and holding up the “kira!”(basically the hand sign for I love you) gesture. She appeared behind Nakajima. At that point, the entire crowd roared with applause. This is where the highlight of the concert began for me. Situated in back of the stage was a grand piano. Turns out, it was for Yoko Kanno to play several fan favorites live with an acapella accompanied by Nakajima And May’n. Thus for the next set of songs, Kanno-san performed: Voices (Macross Plus), Ao no ether (Macross Frontier), Ai oboete imasuka (Do you Remember Love?), and Diamond Crevasse (Macross Frontier). During this particular song, I was nearly in tears. The beautiful, yet haunting melody of the piano silenced the crowd. I myself was completely mesmerized.

Prior to the concert, May’n and Nakajima hinted at a special guest. At the time, I jokingly blurted that it would probably be Yoko Kanno, given her involvement in the series, but I would have never guess that Anime Expo would actually come through. Both May’n and Nakajima gave brilliant performances that certainly made my AX2010 the best one in recent years. You really had to be there to grasp all that excitement. Much gratitude to all the staff at AX that helped convince Yoko Kanno to come again to the states! You’ve certainly made thousands of Macross and Kanno fans happy for a very long time!


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