Predators Movie Review

Fist Pump!


The Renequal (part African American, part prequel, part sequel, part new) of Predators!

I am a huge Predator and Alien saga film, cartoon, and toys fan. First to stomp your fears, this film is much better then the two Alien Vs. Predator movies combined. However I believe the story of the first Alien Vs. Predator film, with the Weyland corporation tying everything up, made for a more fun and relatable film to all the previous Aliens and Predators.

A quartet for the two budding Predators?

This new chapter breathes a whole new whiff of fresh air. The action is more mainstream, special effects are high end, and most important the actors are good. Adrien Brody gives an all out performance of an ex black ops, private hire, bad ass. He gives that Christian Bale sort of batman voice without Christian Bale’s overdoing it. i.e Reign of Fire, Batman’s & Terminator Salvation. Laurence Fishburne adds a smooth relevance to the film playing a major role in filling in the gaps that may have been questioned prior or upon exiting the movie if he may not have been in it.

Shh, they'll hear you!

Alice Braga who you may know as the chick in I Am Legend who had no clue who was Bob Marley, plays a high powered sniper ops gunner. Bassicaly the rod in her hands and up in her face, plus the sniper rifle (Heyyyooooooo) make for a great female, kick ass, lead in the film.

I play with puppies in a dress, but kick ass!

Mystery man, Danny Trejo, who you may know from Desperado, Dusk Till Dawn, and pretty much everything weird man Quentin Tarantino has touched. No words could describe his role in the film other then “PINCHE WAY”.

Guess who!

Topher Grace finishes the rounds of well known actors in the film. Topher in real life looks like a skeezer and you can only imagine his role in the film, a skeezer. When you think Predators are not enough to deal with, throw in That 70’s Show acting and witty humor, and it will feel like someone spiked the cool aid at the 7 year olds party.

Ohhh Noooo!

The story literally falls in the movie-goers lap. It takes place on an unknown alien planet seemed to be one giant hunting preserve. The Predators in the film have face lifts and makeovers, the toys they use are new and shiny, and this time they brought the family pet along!


Predators is quick, action packed, and has you leaving the theater with quotes and mental images of some cool stuff. With the combination of good acting and mediocre story (the first Predator didn’t have much too), this movie is still a blast to watch.

Grade: A

And now, I leave a little something for fans of dancing and Danny Glover.

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