G4 ‘Geekployee’ Interview Tells All and Lives!

So you think you have what it takes to work for G4? Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of Olivia Munn? Do Bears take massive honey comb poops in the woods? Well have a read, take some notes, and see what long time friend Scott has to say about working for G4!

NR: I’ve known you for sometime now Scott…We have had many many funny moments in our previous jobs. Just for pure validation, do you miss me?

Scott: I miss ripping on you, but that’s about it.  No hard feelings I hope.

NR: Well you just lost one solid fan base…And I am crying. Haha, that is not how I remembered it but most of my colleagues and readers will believe you though! So what is it that you do you?

Scott: I am the Scheduling Coordinator for On-Air Promotions in the Marketing Department at G4.  Basically, I am involved in deciding when, what, and where to put any promos, pop ups, and/or graphics that go to air.  It sounds easy, but it is definitely more than a one-man job.

NR: Pretty cool stuff man. On-Air Promotions, hmmm!? You’ve been blessed to be able to talk to and see Olivia Munn, and not just her photo shoots in magazines. As a G4 employee, is Olivia Munn just one in a handful of beautiful nerdy women? You don’t have to respond to that if you are in a relationship right now, but let it be known that no response will grant us the right to imagine more!

Scott: Ha Ha, well a majority of the staff here is male, but being that we share the building with E! Entertainment and Style Network (sister companies with majority female staff), and that G4 has no problem commissioning pretty girls for our events, (IE: E3 booth babes), I honestly can’t complain.

G4's E3 Booth Babes

NR: CALM DOWN PEOPLE, CALM DOWN! Well, Does G4 have any statues out front of the office buildings, like an Orc for Blizzards’ office buildings, except with Olivia Munn?

Scott: Not out in front, because like I said, we share the building with E! and Style. But there are a few massive standups around the building. We do have an 8-foot tall Fallout 3 soldier in power armor on the 4th floor. So I guess to answer your question, no. No monuments to Olivia yet.

NR: Not yet. Are there different levels of nerds that you work with, like in high school, except this time the nerdiest are the coolest? Might help in the girl department.

Scott: I can clearly say that there are. We have our comic book nerds who game but have a stronger passion for comics (and love to rant and rave about the bull**** actors they are signing to movies. IE: Green Lantern seems to piss them off most). We have our gaming nerds who range from the casual gamer such as myself, to those who actually do it for a living (not fair). And then like any job in any industry, we have some plain old, joe-schmoe, normal nerds with no specific nerd calling.

NR: Ah yes, we do have our gripes about that – most recently the Hulk, Marvel, and Edward Norton.

Is working for G4 the best thing that has ever happened to you? You have to understand that G4 is to nerds like women are to Sean Connery!

Scott: G4 is pretty great, I’m not going to lie. Not only did I get this job right out of school in a crap economy, it happens to be for a gamer-based TV network. I think I was working here for about a month before E3 hit in 2009 and all of the sudden I was standing on the showroom floor. I’m telling you, it’s all about networking.

NR: Networking is key and that’s what you’re doing here in the first place!  Speaking of networking, Nerd Reactor writers have followed G4 for sometime now and have written numerous things. When are you going to get us in! I recently watched the A-Team, so we could manage it somehow!

Scott: I’m sure we can figure something out one of these days. We can talk about it off the record though.

NR: Yes! Hopefully more to come regarding that. What is one thing that maybe you would like to bring to G4?

Scott: Things like that are done by more of a producer role. They also are not taken very lightly, and happen much higher up the chain than where I am.

NR: Hopefully soon you’ll be somewhere in that chain, pumping the mainstream with ads for Nerd Reactor! Because you’re in an office all the time, is your job anything like “The Office” show?

Scott: We have characters, but it’s nothing like the show itself. We have a bunch of Stanley’s/Phyllis’s, Jim’s, Pam’s, Ryan’s, that Indian girl, and maybe one or two Dwight’s. Unfortunately, if we had a Michael Scott, he would be gone before anyone knew it because that shit wouldn’t fly in real life. For the most part, everyone here is pretty normal. We have a few people with super powers who must remain anonymous, so the rest of us can sit back and steal their food out of the fridge in spite.

NR: We got a Ryan of our own. Ah yes, an ode to our Ryans. Haha, well I am sure once I get myself into an office, I will qualify as one of the many talents on that show. I gotta ask one more question buddy…

What are some cool things/perks you get because you work for G4?

Scott: Well, we definitely get exposed to news and information prior to the public, so that’s always an exciting experience. Another is the fact that a majority of the people working here are gamers themselves. Getting to work with people who are actually involved in their industry outside of work is pretty rare, and it makes the atmosphere around the office that much better. Plus everyone is way laid back. I wear a t-shirt and chucks to work every day for gods sake. On top of that, no one cares about my tattoos. If I can get away with that then everyone pretty much has a free pass…

…But in all honesty I would have to say that the biggest perks are the conventions. Having the opportunity to go to E3, Comic Con, PAX, GDC, etc etc. is the coolest thing ever. I never in a million years thought that I would actually be there seeing it with my own eyes. Also, every desk in the building comes with its own TV.

Scott & Tron Trike

NR : Ya, most of our readers and writers just had a little wardrobe malfunction with an answer like that…conventions, lack of dress code (that doesn’t mean lack of hygiene for our glued-to-the-seat-of-your-desk-chair computer nerds!) and a personal TV. I just shed a little tear.

Thanks again Scott for taking your time for this interview.

Scott: No problem.

Here are some pics of our man Scott on the Job.. JOB!


On the JOB...

On the JOB...

Office Buddies

We are not going to miss this!!

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