Trailer For Final Fantasy Creator’s New Wii Action RPG

The Last Story is the name of this game, and it will be released for the Wii this fall in Japan; hopefully we can see it stateside next year.  It’s been teased about earlier this year with concept artwork.  The game has great graphics, and appears to be more of an action game.  The characters are able to use cover, and in one part, a character walking backwards flips over an object, so interaction with the environments looks to be a key point of the gameplay.  I also like that the character design looks good, and not over-done like Tidus from Final Fantasy 10 (no excessive belts, jackets, trinkets etc.).  Look forward to this game, because the design team Mistwalker seems to have done a phenomenal job on this one.

I’ve been complaining about a lack of Wii games for awhile now, but with games like Sin and Punishment 2, and now The Last Story, it looks like I can look forward to awesome games from here on out.

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