InFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Shows a Less Manly Cole

If you’ve checked out the latest gameplay footage for InFAMOUS 2, the thing you’ll notice (if you played the first game) is that Cole is looking prettier. He has more hair, his cheek bones are less structured, his voice is less raspy and deep, and his clothing style reminds me of Nathan Drake’s fashion sense. In short, you can say new Cole is Nathan Drake, and old Cole is Solid Snake.

If I had to put money it it, I’m thinking Sucker Punch, the developers, decided to emulate the success of Uncharted by making the main character more like Nathan Drake. Not to knock on the sarcastic adventurer, but Cole shouldn’t have to be changed. The events from the first game made him who he is now, and it fits. His whole life was pretty much screwed.

Check out this footage of Cole in inFAMOUS 2.

Check out the image and video of old Cole below. Now here are how things were back in ye olden days.

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