Create Your Own Real Life Avatar with APB

Here’s the deal. APB (All Points Bulletin) is doing a promotion where one lucky “regular Joe” will get to be picked to participate in a 3-week Human Avatar project where the community have an opportunity to transform the guy, just like creating your own avatar in Western RPG games. The community will have a chance to vote for hairstyle, tattoos, piercings, and clothing.

If you check out now, you’ll have a chance to vote for the player. I’m not sure where they got these “regular Joes,” but you have two options of choosing between a regular dancer named Jordan, or a regular free runner named Josh.

So far, Joe, I mean Josh, is winning with 73%. Looks like free running is cooler than dancing. The twitter comment said it best, “What if we all vote to let him tattoo ‘Idiot’ onto his forehead.”

The 3-week contest started on July 5th.

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