DC Universe Online

Here are two videos we took at E3.  The first one is an explanation of DC Universe Online, and the other shows more of the action.  The game is an MMO-style one, but players will be more involved in the combat.  You can customize the moves your character will have, but I was told that you cannot be one of the main popular characters (Batman etc.).  However, those popular DC characters will be in the game, and you can fight alongside them, or against them.  You can’t be your favorite heroes/villains, but you can get powers that are similar to what they have.  For example, you can get “super speed”, that is similar to The Flash’s powers, which will allow you to run up walls, and even across ceilings.  There’s a lot of information on the game, so feel free to check out the official DC Universe site and its videos.  Being a Sony game, you can expect it on PS3 and PC on November 2nd (sorry Xbox360-only owners).

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