Anime Expo Day 0-2 & AKB48 Concert

As you know AX started on Wednesday with Day 0. And I was there. Me and my cousin left my house at 7am got there 8:45am and the time to pick up the badges/concert tickets was at 3pm. And we were at least 75 people behind to pick up our badges and buy our AKB48 tickets. And the line got bigger as the time drew closer to the pickup time. And many interesting people were dressed in different outfits that day. All was going well in picking up our badge. But after getting our badges, the problems started. There was a second line for concert ticket pickup which was split two lines: “Premier Fans” and the General Attendees. For some reason only the tickets for Premier Fans were ready and the General Attendees tickets were not sorted out. So after picking up our badges, which took only 30 minutes, we thought our day was nearly done. But we were wrong. We were in line for the concert tickets for 2 1/2 hours with no answers to any of our questions on how long till we get our tickets. By the time we got our tickets it was nearly 6pm. It was not fun. But I did not have to worry about any badges or tickets on Day 1.

The line when we arrived:

The line 3hrs before opening:

Sorry for the photo quality. I left my camera in my car at the Norwalk Metro Station.

Speaking of Day 1 this was an okay day. The concert did not start till 4 pm. So my cousin and I decided to walk around till 3:15 pm. We saw so many things and quite of few pictures taken, though not a lot. Not many people were dressed up. At least for the time I was there and that time went by fast. Now as for the concert that was fun but short. For those who do not know AKB48 here’s a click here, though only about 16, a handful from each team, showed for the concert the team captains and popular members. The first time I heard of AKB48 was when my cousin wanted me to buy her a cd/dvd of them when I went to Japan last year. I never hear any of their music till a couple days before the concert and I liked it. The concert was slated for 4-6pm. They did not start till 5pm but it was a hell of a start. They opened with their two biggest songs: River and Aitakatta.





They introduced themselves after doing a third song. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the concert because the General Attendees were not allowed to take pictures. Though many people did; I did not want to risk getting kicked out of the concert. They were very adamant about people not taking any pictures or videos. That is unless you are press or part of the AKB48 Company. Nonetheless my cousin and I had a blast at the concert. My cousin is a big fan of Sayaka Akimoto, team captain of K, and when she came out to perform Blue Rose, my cousin went bananas. I too became a big fan of Sayaka after seeing that outfit. But I became a big fan of the group even more because of their music. I have been out of the Japanese Idol since I stopped listening to Morning Musume early 2000. But this group just brought me back. They whole set lasted a good 45 minutes. And the way they ended it blew me away. They sang Sakura no Shiori. It was like listening to a choir sing. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Blue Rose:


For those who don’t know Sayaka, she is the 2nd girl going from left to right.

UPDATE: BETTER VIDEO OF BLUE ROSE. Check out Sayaka’s outfit. If only she wore it during AX.

Once they finished they said good bye and walked off stage. Minutes later a group of people in the front row started chanting, “AKB!!! 48!!! ENCORE!!! ENCORE!!!” The chants lasted a good 5 minutes, enough for the girls to change into a t-shirt and take a quick break. And they did three extra songs, which were pretty good. And after that people made a mad rush back to the convention center 2nd Floor for their autograph signing. Of course my cousin and I rushed as well. We get there the line was long as well. We were told they would be signing only 1 item and no photos allowed (again). They were only going to sign from 7:45pm till 8:45pm. This is where things went south. The girls did not arrive maybe till 10 minutes after 8. And they were still only going to sign autographs till 8:45pm. So, 8:30 rolls by and a staff member comes out of the room and announces that they will only be signing till 8:40pm. This did not make anyone in line happy; especially, when the line did not move until 8:25. My cousin and I were literally 10-15 people behind before we reached the door. We were told that they were going to do a signing the next day after their Q&A panel and would hand out priority tickets. My cousin and I were bummed since we only could afford the concert tickets and 1 day badges. Luckily for us, a kind soul heard our story and gave us their badges for the next day so we can go to the panel and attend the signing. So this lifted up my cousin’s spirits and mine as well.

So the next day came and we arrived at AX around 8am the Q&A panel did not start till 11:15am. So we sat in line just waiting and seeing the same people that missed it last night. The panel was great and fun. My cousin and I even got Sayaka to wave at us and we even made her laugh. If you are a friend on FB you would have seen me update my account as it happened. When the panel ended, came the bad news: No priority tickets would be given. Meaning that it was first come first sign at the exhibit hall. This did not bode well for me and my cousin. So she made a mad dash for the exhibit hall but we were behind a good 60 people by the time we reached the hall. It seems that they left the panel early or just stayed in line before anyone got there. During our stay at the line we got close enough to Sayaka to call out her name and have her wave at us again (2nd FB update was done) and she said hello. By the time they ended the signing we were 20-30 people behind the front of the line. This saddened my cousin and me; we were 0-2. So we decided to stay for a little while and buy some items before we left. We left AX with mixed emotions. We were happy that we got to see the concert live and with relatively good seats and we got Sayaka to wave at us, but at the same time we were sad that we were not able to get anything singed by them. But I told my cousin on the train ride home, “There’s always Akiba.” Akiba or Akihabara is where AKB48’s main concert hall is located. So all in all we had fun, saw great costumes, not so good costumes, and met one awesome person. I give a shout out to her, “Maraming salamat.”

Day 1 Pics:

Sexiest costume.

Funniest costume.

My costume next year.

This one scared me when I asked for a picture. He had green contacts on.

One of the most beautiful cosplays I saw in AX.

Creative cosplay.

Cutest cosplay. There’s a small child in there!!!!

Day 2 Pics (not many here we spent most of the time in lines for AKB48):

Day 1 & 2 pictures taken by Robyn Stoianovici.

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