Roger Ebert Admits Error about Video Games and Art

Roger Ebert has made a bad name for himself in front of gamers worldwide when he said that video games can never be art. But now, he says that some opinions are best kept to one’s self.

“My error in the first place was to think I could make a convincing argument on purely theoretical grounds. What I was saying is that video games could not in principle be Art. That was a foolish position to take, particularly as it seemed to apply to the entire unseen future of games.”

Why the change of heart sir? Well, he was tired of all the comments disagreeing with him, saying that he can’t talk about things where he isn’t really familiar with the subject. The gamers have told him to check out games like Shadow of the Colossus or Flower for proof that games can be art.

“Who was I to say video games didn’t have the potential of becoming Art? Someday? There was no agreement among the thousands of posters about even one current game that was an unassailable masterpiece. Shadow of the Colossus came closest. I suppose that’s the one I should begin with.”

Using the above image as a definition of what art means, even Ebert wasn’t satisfied with the definition until he found another answer that excluded games as art. You shouldn’t have to look hard to do that. If we are using this as the standard definition, than yes, video games can be art.

I do applaud him for admitting his mistake, but he still feels the same about video games, but hey, that’s his opinion.

Okay, kids, play on my lawn [Chicago Sun-Times]

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