Patrick Boivin: Does it Again!!

Patrick Boivin is an uncommon name to most of our readers but his passion for comic books, toys, and nerd persona will hopefully change that. Boivin is a French Canadian with a knack for drawing comic books. He says he started at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped yet. He is a true enterpriser in the realist form. Director, script writer, music editor, editor, and more. In not to misinterpret him anymore, and hope of an interview from him, I give you a few of his most recent works and hope you all enjoy!

Wish you had a pet like this??


Bruce Lee Vs. Iron Man (spoiler alert! – lord of the rings!!)


Jackson Vs. Bean!


I Just Shot Your Ex-Girlfriend! ((LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!))


Tony Hawks Commercial (I’ve seen this on my TV.. what, I am a nerd and watch cartoons!! )


Youtube phenom, Patrick Boivin is a self-taught director who got his start working on a show called Phylactèrecolafor a Quebec broadcaster. He has directed several shorts that have been on the international festival circuit. He

has created stop-motion animation videos, some of which have gotten over five million hits. He is wowing everyone on the web with his technical proficiency, but most of all with his very own brand of cheeky pop cultural

remixing. Huge names have recently hired Patrick. Indochine, Tony Hawk, Iggy Pop and Google, to name a few.

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