Geek My Ride: The Bat-Golf-Cart?

Despite his wealth, Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne, just doesn’t seem like the Golfing-Type.  I’m sure he doesn’t have the time between running a multi-million dollar company, nabbing super-villians, and yelling at lighting DPs.  But whether or not the Cape Crusader likes to wear plaid pants and funny hats, some crazy Batman fan has decided to make his idol a Bat-Golf-Cart!

Inspired by the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan Batman Series, there is a lot of work and attention to detail that went into this custom cart.  These pictures were taken on the Warner Bros. Studio lot which begs the question, is it Nolan’s or Bale’s?  Whether or not it belongs to someone involved in the film is irrelevant because it is still a pretty badass Golf Cart.

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