Disgaea Infinite Review (Sony PSP)

Prinnies never have it easy, they are human souls who have committed crimes or have broken rules, so to atone for their sins they must become prinnies and work low waged jobs in the “Netherworld”.

It’s just a “normal” day in Laharl’s castle, when everyday things always go wrong for the prinnies. Etna has ordered the ultimate pudding and Laharl caught wind of this, starring as one of the prinnies (who knows how many prinnies the Netherworld has), and gets caught in the middle of it. As a result, the Prinny gets blasted out of the castle and shortly after an explosion occurs, Laharl thinks that it was an assassination attempt and wants the prinnies to pay for it.

You, as a prinny, find a magical clock, “Tick Tock,” which gives you the ability to return to previous points in time and lets you figure out what events led to the result of Laharl’s assassination. The problem is searching alone wouldn’t help much in terms of investigations, so Tick Tock informs you of another ability, the ability to enter another character’s mind and ”persuade” them to change a course of action, such as making Laharl a nice guy for a moment, which will eventually creep him out and events that might lead up to the final moments before the assassination might be changed.

Disgaea Infinite isn’t your Tactical RPG Disgaea fans are used to, instead this a text heavy game just like a graphic novel, but the characters you control and the choices you make affect the outcome of the game. Whether you continue on or restart from the beginning, it all depends on the choices you make. The game has multiple endings which span the Nippon Ichi universe and even explains why certain characters make an appearance in other games. But there is also the ultimate ending….are you prinny enough to take on the mission?

All your favorite Disgaea 1 characters make an appearance in the game, as well as Mao and Raspberyl from Disgaea 3. Found out the mystery and figure out who could dare attack Laharl and the mystery of the ultimate pudding.

Overall the game is pretty fun and has a lot of options, which affect the story and takes it to different places, but it will take you right back if it’s not the right one. The game features plenty of parodies from numerous anime and games, multiple endings, and hidden items for you to collect. The only downfall to the game is that it is very short.  It takes roughly 4 hrs to achieve near 100% completion, but for its cheap price point it’s like buying 2 mangas, except it’s interactive and and you get a choice of English or Japanese voices.

System: Sony PSP
Publisher: NISA
Category: Visual Novel
Available Now via UMD and PS

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