Can EA Sports MMA Go Toe to Toe with UFC Undisputed?

EA Sports MMA may not have the big stars of the UFC but what it does have is amazing gameplay.  EA Sports MMA is the first mix martial arts title from EA Sports.  Despite the controversy over Dana White’s bruised ego this game is sure to be a contender against UFC’s Undisputed.

The game features over 50 fighters from around the world including; Bob Lashley, Randy Couture, Bob Saap, Kazushi Sakuraba, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, Brett Rogers, Frank and Ken Shamrock, Fedor Emelianenko, and Jason “Mayhem” Miller. MMA fans will rejoice that referee Big John McCarthy will be calling the action

EA MMA will feature Strikeforce as the premier circuit along with other Japanese promotions.  Players will be able to choose to fight in rings or cages.  Venues available include; HP Pavilion, Scottrade Center, Bank Atlantic Center, Sears Centre, Saitama Super Arena, Yokohama Arena, and Osaka-jo Hall.  The game includes Pride style rules in addition to standard Unified Rules.  Players will also be able to choose to fight southpaw or orthodox, execute foot stomps and fight on the cage.  Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock will provide blow-for-blow commentary.

Those familiar with the Fight Night franchise well be no stranger to the combat system of EA MMA.  The game uses similar striking controls which made the Fight Night Video Games a success.  One thing I never liked about the UFC Undisputed series was the way buttons are use for various kicks and punches which results in button mashing.

In EA MMA your characters stamina comes into play; exert your fighter too much and his moves are less effective.  EA MMA also has some unique visuals for choke-outs and submissions.  If your character is being choked-out; your screen well gradually gets darker as your fighter begins to pass out.  In submissions; you well see the fighters bones become visible as it more and more strain is put on the limb.  EA MMA looks promising but there are still some things that need to be worked out.

EA Sports MMA hits the PS3 and the 360 fall of this year.


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