E3 2010: Epic Mickey Details

Wii-exclusive title Epic Mickey was shown late last year, and to be honest, graphically it didn’t impress me at all.  However, the game has had some time to improve, and as you’ll see in the videos, it looks great now.  The game captures the feel of the Disney cartoons very well, with both the physical worlds, and the animations of the characters.

The basic gameplay is that of a platformer, with double jumping, and a spin attack.  How Epic Mickey becomes more interesting is that he uses paint thinner to erase parts of levels to open new areas, or to attack enemies.  He can also use paint to bring back parts of the levels he erased.  Essentially, the game has a morality system which tracks how you decide to get past the game’s objectives; paint being good, and paint thinner being bad.  The game will apparently have about 70 2-D platforming levels, as well as the main 3-D platforming gameplay, and there will be multiple endings.  Warren Spector is the creator of Epic Mickey, and Deus Ex, so this is one to check out.

These are the videos I took of other people playing Epic Mickey at E3 2010:

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