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The next-gen Xbox will be announced on May 21

Months after the PlayStation 4 official announcement, Microsoft has decided to reveal the next Xbox on May 21, 2013. Media outlets received an invitation to the event that’s being held

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Championship Day 2

It started with 32 teams and so far we are seeing some intense matches from some hungry teams looking to dominate and take the championship. On Day 2, the brackets

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Championship Day 1

The Call of Duty Championship is a three-day event being held in Hollywood, California featuring 32 of the best teams from around the world competing for lots and lots of money.

Next-gen Xbox requires internet to boot games? Microsoft Creative Director says ‘deal with it’ for always online

I’m thinking that Microsoft isn’t going to win in the popularity votes if they are going to be moving in this direction. Sources from Kotaku have revealed that the next-gen

Xbox Durango to feature ‘Always On, Always Connected’?

Remember the rumor that was going around that the next-gen Xbox, codenamed Durango, was not going to allow used games from being played? Could the “Always On, Always Connected” feature

Microsoft hosting Mixer for former OnLive employees

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that OnLive went bankrupt and had to fire half of its staff in order to pay off creditors and restructure. Microsoft is now trying

Silent Hill HD Collection delayed, now we get 3 straight weeks of Silent Hill goodness

The horror of Silent Hill is almost upon us. The original date of The Silent Hill HD Collection has changed from March 6th, 2012, to March 20th, placing it right

Rumor: Xbox Console 3 Revealing At CES 2012 – Codenamed “TEN”

Xbox Console 3, codenamed TEN, announced for a CES 2012 reveal! Details & Pics.

NISA Announces 4 New Games – 2 of Them Disgaea

While all the focus is currently on Tokyo Game Show right now, NISA decided it was a great time to bring the attention back locally and made four announcements. First

E3: Gears of War 3: Horde 2.0

It is bitter sweet knowing that the third and final chapter for the Gears of War franchise will be out later this year. But Epic has pulled all the stops

HALO 4 Announcement Trailer!

I had a helluva start to the week. The Nerdreactor team was up bright and early for the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing this morning. I was expecting the loads of

Kinect Angry Birds Hack

A group specializing in Kinect software called KinEmote has been able to hack popular puzzle game Angry Birds.  Players use the motion camera of the Kinect to control the game

Fable 3 PC Edition is Now Available at Microsoft CES Booth

We have known for a while that the Fable 3 PC Edition will suffer from delays and will not be released at the same time as it’s console counterpart. While

Sitting and Playing the Kinect Is Now Possible!

The cool thing about the Kinect, Microsoft’s answer to motion technology, is the fact that there are no needs for controllers. Your body is the controller. But there has been

Vanquish Demo Now Available!

Titled ‘Velocity Attack’, the Vanquish game demo is now available for download on Playstation Network and Xbox Live. The demo features one level and two difficulty settings. Check out the

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect Launch Date Revealed

We recently brought you the news of the Eedoo, a Chinese knock-off of the Kinect. Well move over Eedoo! The Xbox Kinect has dibs. Microsoft reported at this years Gamescom