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E3 2014: The Witcher 3 gameplay video

At the Xbox conference, some new footage for The Witcher 3 was shown. John Mamais and Konrad Tomaszkiewicz took stage to show us what progress they’ve made on the game, and

E3 2014: Tomb Raider 2 announced

The Microsoft conference started off with a bang, by announcing the next Tomb Raider game. Now a lot of us have something to look forward to! Take a look at the

Microsoft surrenders! $399 Xbox One without Kinect June 9th

Well the shoe is definitely on the other foot now as today has been a massive reality check for Microsoft. As everyone knows money is the number one motivator of

Xbox to make Netflix and Hulu available for free?

It’s already a ridiculous business model to begin with, but currently Microsoft is charging Xbox users to access services that they are already paying for; for example, Netflix and Hulu.

New Grand Theft Auto Online update

There will be a new update for GTA Online to increase your hold on Los Santos. The update is called The High Life. In this update you will receive a

Deal Alert: 12 months of Xbox Live for $39.99

Many of us budget conscious gamers know that the first rule about Xbox Live Gold is that you never pay full price for Xbox Gold. The trick is patience and

WWE announces WWE Network for $9.99

At CES 2014 during a very special announcement event, WWE’s Vincent “The Boss” Kennedy McMahon announced that in February 2014 the WWE Network will launch in the United States. The rest

Videogame BANG! Episode #11: Ric Flair and Mulatto Butts

This is the final regular episode of the Videogame BANG! of 2013! We thank everyone who has listened to the show, “liked”, “retweeted”, “shared”, “+1”, “commented”, “subscribed”, “twerked”, or “quinoa’d”

Xbox Live and Xbox.com are down

Update (Nov 21 – 3:38pm PST) – Looks like the site is back up now. The Xbox One is launching tonight at midnight, and a rare thing has happened to

Call of Duty Ghosts: Clans, Clan Wars and Cross Platform Multiplayer

PS4 vs. Xbox One isn’t the only gaming clash going on. There’s also Battlefield 4 vs. CoD: Ghosts. In an effort to pull ahead in the race and gain leverage

Skylanders – What’s new in SWAP Force

$1.5 billion in retail sales, Skylanders has become one of the most successful franchises, fusing collectible toys that you can interact with. Developed by Vicarious Visions, SWAP Force is the next edition of

Heavy Rain was turned down by Microsoft for being too controversial?

Heavy Rain is a key example where the lines of movie and video game begin to blur. It is one of the key next-gen titles that set the bar for

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal livestream presented by Xbox

Did you miss the Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer livestream? While a member of Nerd Reactor was at the event all day, people at home had the better seat with

Xbox One to require online connection once a day? Plus no self-publishing for indie devs

The Xbox One Reveal is now over, and it is not looking good for core gamers. After the event, sites were able to get some more insight on the Microsoft

Xbox One won’t play 360 games or transfer XBLA games

Because the Xbox One uses the x86 architecture, it won’t be able to play Xbox 360 games, nor will it be able to transfer XBLA games from the Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s Xbox One revealed with always online NOT being required, but used games will have fees

Microsoft has debuted the Xbox One today during the Xbox Reveal Presentation. We finally get to see how the console looks like, and it’s looking black and boxy. Some people

Goodbye Microsoft Points!

The Microsoft Points system can be confusing, and it looks like Microsoft figured that it’s best to get rid of it for good. A report has said that Microsoft plans

The next Xbox will allow you to play single player games offline?

Yeah, the rumor that the next Xbox will require online connectivity when playing video games had gamers worried. It lead to a Microsoft creative director resigning because he was taking jabs at

Microsoft’s IllumiRoom extends video games beyond the TV

Microsoft has been pushing the Kinect peripheral since its launch for the Xbox 360. Now that the Kinect is rumored to be mandatory with the next Xbox, what new peripheral

Another report saying that the next Xbox will require ‘always online’

Microsoft will be unveiling the next Xbox on May 21 at a special event in Redmond, Washington. Paul Thurott, a veteran tech blogger from Windows IT Pro, has given us