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Skullgirls Review

  With fighting games, you sometimes already have a niche audience to shoot for, despite how much the genre has grown throughout the past few years. Within the people that

Review: XJACKER PS3 Kit and Soniq Rush 2.0 gaming amplifier for PS3

Ever felt like you’re left behind by your friends during all those online multiplayer games because you don’t have headsets to communicate with them? Can’t afford those high-priced gaming headsets

‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ zombie beheadings generate sparkles

I think there’s only one man in gaming who can leave me dumbfounded after simply watching a short trailer. This man is Suda 51, or Goichi Suda, as he was

Max Payne 3’s animations, bringing the action to life

Sometimes it’s the little details in video games that make them amazing. Third-person shooters are a dime a dozen, but if you examine this Max Payne 3 trailer, you’ll see

Capcom wants you to pay $70-80 for Resident Evil 6

It’s very apparent that Capcom is putting a lot of time into Resident Evil 6, especially considering that they may have around 600 people working on the game–that’s quite an

Resident Evil 6 has $1300 premium edition, is 30 hours long

Are you ready to deck yourself out in what could be the most coveted of all video game fashion accessories (oh, sorry, did I just ruin it for you?)? Leon

Resident Evil 6 now releasing October 2nd, new trailer, story details

It appears that Capcom has seen fit to change the release date of their vastly important project, Resident Evil 6. The original date had it releasing on November 20th, but

Ninja Gaiden 3 review: Sometimes being too epic can be a bad thing

Back during E3 2011, the Ninja Gaiden 3 demo was impressive. It showed off the first stage while keeping the hack-and-slash style Ryu fan’s have been familiar. Oddly, the ability

Absorb the lush, detailed environments of Far Cry 3’s multiplayer trailer

At first glance, I’m not sure how impressed veteran Call of Duty gamers are going to be with this new Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer. However, based on the map

Your information is still in your old Xbox you sold

According to Kotaku, those of you who sold your Xbox to other people, or even to GameStop, may have just sold your information as well. Apparently, even doing a factory

Game of Thrones: Epic Plot Trailer, treachery in Riverspring

If the message that the Game of Thrones video game is supposed to be epic doesn’t get pounded into your head by the end of this new trailer, well, I

Max Payne 3’s multiplayer has bullet-time and other ‘Burst’ powers

If you thought Max Payne 3 would be tacking multiplayer on just to attract the crowds who like it, you’re possibly wrong. I can’t say that without a doubt that

The Capcom Digital Collection launches on Xbox 360

Capcom has just sealed onto disc, a collection of 8 arcade-style games that all feature co-op play. For the sake of convenience, and with all of the games included, $39.99

Say hello to The Siren, the fourth ‘heavy hitter’ – Bioshock Inifite

Get your first peek at one of the “heavy hitters” of Bioshock Infinite, the Siren. She’s a ghostly enemy who can bring life to the dead. Ken Levine talks about

More Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots leak

New Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots have somehow magically leaked onto the internet again. I imagine that they’re all hiding somewhere on virtual rooftops, just waiting for Ubisoft to look the

Dark Souls may actually be heading to PC

Hello there, so-called PC “master race”. You may have gotten The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but your collection isn’t complete–no, definitely not. Well, at least not until you get your

First footage of The Walking Dead video game series by Telltale Games

Developing a game based on the very popular The Walking Dead television series, Telltale Games is bound to garner some attention here. They’ve opted for a comic book-esque aesthetic for

See from the orcs’ point of view – new ‘Of Orcs and Men’ in-game screenshots

Of Orcs and Men is an in-development PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game that forgoes the typical handsome, manly man-hero, and instead offers up an awkward pair: a giant orc

Max Payne 3 to provide a more realistic and tense experience – trailer

Shenmue and the God of War series made quick-time events a well-known gameplay element. However, soon after, gamers were already getting a bit bored of them, and yet they still

DiRT Showdown is about cars smashing each other, I think

Judging solely by this latest trailer, I think we can safely assume that there will never (ever) be a lack of car-smashing in DiRT Showdown. I’m kind of glad that