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Screenwriter Jason Fuchs describes why DC movies differ from Marvel’s cinematic universe

Ever since Warner Bros. started traveling down that same dirt road of the “cinematic universe” after Marvel’s coattails, they have been under scrutiny with a lot of comparisons to their

Wonder Woman will fight this villain in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Warning: Possible Spoilers Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman looks to have a meaty action sequence in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by director Zack Snyder, from what we can

SDCC 2015: Warner Bros reveals DC Entertainment slate of films

To kickoff the DC Entertainment portion of the Warner Bros panel, Warner Bros showed off a presentation of their upcoming slate of DC films. Here they are in chronological order:

Check out EW’s Batman v Superman pics featuring the trinity, Lex Luthor and more

Were a few days away from San Diego Comic-Con kicking off and in preparation of the event, Entertainment Weekly has revealed some brand new images from Batman v Superman: Dawn

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles presents Wonder Woman in ‘Big’

A whole new look. A whole new timeline. Superman and Batman’s videos came out earlier this month, with the final video being about our Wonder Woman. We are presented with

Chris Pine to co-star in Wonder Woman?

Hold on to your phasers and lassos, it is rumored that Star Trek star Chris Pine is going to be beamed into the new Wonder Woman movie as a co-star

Now THAT’S a cougar! Wonder Woman to be ‘centuries old’ in Batman v Superman?

Looks like DC is trying to make sure their movies have Legends living in them too. Just as Marvel has Thor, Warner Bros is making their Wonder Woman a sort

Wonder Woman wearing a big blue and gold cape in new Batman v Superman promo art

We’ve seen an official photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman before for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. Now we have a promo art of the

Joss Whedon reiterates his desire to direct a DC movie

Alright, so Marvel and DC don’t often mix; that’s clear. But, they could have a common bond in the near future in the form of Joss Whedon. Having heard Whedon

Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman because WB didn’t have faith

It was reported that Michelle MacLaren (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad) left Warner Bros. and the Wonder Woman project due to creative differences. In just a few days, the company quickly

Wonder Woman to be helmed by Patty Jenkins, ex-Thor: The Dark World director

According to reports, Warner Bros. and director Michelle MacLaren (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad) didn’t see eye to eye with each other. This resulted in her leaving the project. In just

Michelle MacLaren leaves Wonder Woman movie. Tiger sidekick is the reason?

Yesterday it was revealed that director Michelle MacLaren left the Wonder Woman movie project, according to THR. She was a strong choice, since she had directed highly-acclaimed shows like Game

Gal Gadot on fans who think her breasts are too small for Wonder Woman

When Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot was announced as the new Wonder Woman, the Israeli actress was immediately met with criticism by fans who said that the star

Superman and Wonder Woman get a new look

The new covers for Action Comics #41, Wonder Woman #41 and Superman/Wonder Woman #18 have appeared online today. The new comics are part of DC’s post-Convergence arch, which will remove the “New

New photos of Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot working out

When Gal Gagot was announced to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, many fans were upset. The reason was that many thought the

Wonder Woman movie to begin filming this fall

You’ll first get to see Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film by director Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300) next year. After that, she’ll

WB is working on 6 different Wonder Woman scripts?

Wow, so a screenwriter has heard that Warner Bros. is working on getting 6 scripts out for Wonder Woman. Why so many scripts? Perhaps the studio wants to see which

Wonder Woman finds its screenwriter

Michelle MacLaren, who was recently reported to be the director for Wonder Woman, will have a lot to prove. Not only is the Wonder Woman movie a big moment for female

Wonder Woman movie found its female director

It’s been reported that Warner Bros. was searching for a female director to helm the upcoming Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot as the Amazon princess. One vocal female director made

Wonder Woman looks to be getting a female director

It looks like Michelle MacLaren is the first in line for WB’s search for a Wonder Woman director. MacLaren is best known for directing television episodes from Breaking Bad, Game