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Why Won’t You Die: Akira Gets a New Director

Who the [email protected]$! is Jaume Collet-Serra? Apparently he is the new director for the Akira Live-Action. After the news of Albert Hughes dropping out of the project, many had hoped

Warner Brothers Shoots Down Green Lantern Sequel Rumors

Contradicting earlier reports made by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is not making a 2nd Green Lantern film. A rep from the movie studio contacted the website and the article

Seth MacFarlane To Create ‘The Flinstones’ Cartoon Reboot

Our beloved creator of hit comedy cartoon television shows Family Guy and American Dad, Seth MacFarlene, is on the way to creating The Flinstones reboot cartoon!

Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD

After the airing of the final episode of Smallville on May 13th fans of the series will have something else to look forward to. Warner Bros. has announced the release of the

George Takei Against Alleged Whitewashing of AKIRA

AKIRA, created by the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo began as a manga series and then a feature length animated film.  Since then it has been featured on music videos, fashion, and more.  A

Warner Bros. Denied Access to Superman Estates’ Documents

The clock is ticking for Warner Bros. and the rights to Superman. In 2013, if things go as planned, they will lose certain rights to the character to the estates

Mortal Kombat and Batman Arkham: City to Require Online Pass?

According to Joystiq, Warner Bros. might be following suit with EA and THQ in how they handle online gameplay and features. EA and THQ requires players to have an online

Mortal Kombat illegal in Australia – $100,000 fine on imports

Torso ripping, body slashing, falling to one’s death in a pit of spikes and the like are too much for Australia. Their government has refused to classify the new Mortal