Does Medal of Honor Deserve to be Banned by the U.S. Military? *UPDATED*


So the U.S. military has officially banned sales of the newest Medal of Honor game on military bases globally. Even Britain’s Defense Secretary requested that UK game retailers ban the game. Why, you may ask? Well, the game allows players to take on the role of the Taliban, but only … Continue reading

Please Sony, May I Have Some More? Of Killzone 3 Screenshots!


These screenshots look astonishing! You can check more on Killzone 3 here and here. A couple things to look forward to: – 3D experience for those with TV capabilities – Playable with the Playstation Move – The multiplayer will feature small vehicles that can be used – The player can choose … Continue reading

Kevin Butler is Back with a Dramatic PlayStation Move Ad

The PlayStation Move is coming nearer with the release date of September 19th. The gears are turning and when that time comes, we’ll see if Sony can compete against Nintendo and their mighty Wii. For now though, you can check out Kevin Butler’s PlayStation Move ad showing family rivalries with … Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City Will Feature Multiplayer Mode, Plus 20 New Screenshots!

Arkham City - 4948442198_43d7584e59_b

For those who loved Batman: Arkham Asylum, there is more to love about the franchise with the expected release of next years Arkham City! Arkham City UK reports that in this month’s issue of popular UK gaming magazine, PSM3, they announced that Arkham City will feature a multiplayer mode but … Continue reading