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Warren Spector bids farewell to the studio behind Epic Mickey

Some sad news for all you Epic Mickey fans. Word has gotten out that Disney is officially closing Junction Point Studios. According to Disney, chairman Bob Iger says the company

Take-Two interactive picks up WWE License

As we reported earlier today, THQ’s assets were dissolved to many different video game companies. One highly profiled property that many fans were anxious to hear about was what would

Del Toro confirms intentional Portal reference in Pacific Rim

There’s no doubt that the first official trailer for Pacific Rim peaked a lot of people’s interest. What’s not to like about giant robots battling out with humongous monsters to save the

Same-sex romance update coming Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic producer Jeff Hackman announced this week that the game would be updated to include same-sex romances. For many BioWare fans this is nothing new. Same-sex relationships

Fan-made 7-year developed Jurassic Park game needs your help

Some very interesting footage popped up online this week from a cool fan-made project. Nearly almost 7 years ago, a couple of fans planned to make a Jurassic Park game

‘Gamestick’ Kickstarter – Mobile gaming from your pocket to TV

‘Gamestick’ Kickstarter – Mobile gaming from your pocket to TV

First look at gameplay from Activision’s Walking Dead game

If you haven’t heard by now, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is making a clean sweep for Game of the Year awards across all video game news media outlets. This could

Goodbye G4, I shall not be watching you again

Long before Nerd Reactor, there was a television station that focused on not just gaming but also technology known as G4. It started back in 2005, and I have watched

Nerdy stained glass windows

Meet Evan Daniels. He’s a stained glass artist who owns a little business out in Atlanta, Georgia. His business, Martian Glass Works, doesn’t make just your average every day stained glass windows,

10 old video games I really miss playing

With the advancement of technology and the seemingly endless amount of data that could be stored and sent, video games of today are not like the ones we played back

What if The Hunger Games was inspired by actual games?

I’m not a big fan of The Hunger Games. It seems like that’s usually the case for people who have experienced Battle Royale first. Since there is a Hunger Games-inspired video featuring

Review: UFC on Xbox Live

Today we will take a look a UFC’s official app for the Xbox 360, UFC on Xbox Live. I have long been a huge fan of UFC since the early days

Review: Diamond GC1000 HD Game Capture

Hot diggity damn! Today, we review a new video capture box. The Diamond 1080 HD Game Capture box is a new product from Diamond Multimedia. The 1080 HD Game Capture allows

Review: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

Nerd Reactor received the new Game Capture HD PRO from the nice people over at Roxio. Being relatively new to capturing video for game consoles, the Roxio Game Capture HD

Wreck-It-Ralph director reveals how they got Sonic and many others in the movie

Wreck-It-Ralph did surprisingly well over the weekend at the box-office. The movie opened with a $49 million, setting the largest box-office opening ever for Disney Animation Studios. Yeah, you heard

Rapper The Game returns to San Andreas in GTA V

Good news for GTA fans, there is finally some new info coming out for the highly anticipated GTA V. Recently, rapper The Game sat down with Studio 96 where he revealed that

WWE 13 Review: Reliving wrestling’s most defining moments

The world of video games has come along way, and so has the world of professional wrestling. In the years since the video game medium began, there has been over

Wreck-It-Ralph Review: a movie for gamers by gamers

The phrase “video game film adaptation” does not generally bring many fond memories for gamers. For years the world of movies and video games have struggled to co-exist with one

NR Podcast Review: Wreck-It-Ralph

With the slew of disappointing video games adapted to film, Wreck-It-Ralph is the shining glimpse of hope in the darkness that surrounds the video game film genre. Wreck-It-Ralph follows the

Play as Ryback, DDP and Goldust in WWE 13 DLC

Earlier this month, WWE Games announced their full plan for DLC in WWE 13. In these hefty Content Packs, fans will be able to play as memorable legends from the “Attitude