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Claptrap <3 GLaDOS: A ship is born

The new trailer for Telltale’s Poker Night 2 just recently jumped onto the internet. The game is shaping up to be a fine release with big name characters like Ash,

David Hayter says farewell to the Metal Gear series

Last month, news broke out that long time Snake voice actor David Hayter would not be in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. The news shocked and stunned many fans who have

Cover star revealed for WWE 2K14, 2K Sports is not happy

If you missed it last week, Stephanie McMahon revealed on her official Twitter account that The Rock would be on the cover for the upcoming WWE 2K14. Oddly enough, news

Insane Grand Theft Auto IV mod lets you fly around like Iron Man

I’ve reported on some pretty cool Grand Theft Auto Mods in the past, but I think this one takes the cake, and it could not have come out at a

Grand Theft Auto radio playlists arrive on Spotify and Itunes

Grand Theft Auto’s soundtracks have been one of the key feature that has become synonymous with the franchise. GTA’s wacky radios stations with their more than odd radio personalities add to the games often

DayZ coming to PlayStation 4?!

Over the past few months or so, me and a few of the other NR guys have jumped onto the DayZ bandwagon. It’s an experience that has left us exhilarated and at

Official box art for Grand Theft Auto V revealed

Probably not the most earth shattering news you’ll hear today, but Rockstar Games has officially released the box art for Grand Theft Auto V. This announcement comes only a few

Fan-made Portal and Skyrim Little Golden Books artwork

Chances are if you were born a baby you have come in contact with the world famous Little Golden Books. Little Golden Books is a children’s book series that has

Rockstar releases new screenshots and apologizes for lack of updates on GTA V

I can clearly remember after last year’s E3, the big question on everyone’s mind was “where is GTA V?” They had just shown their first trailer a few months prior, but were

David Hayter not returning in Metal Gear Solid V?!

Big news today regarding the next installment of the Metal Gear franchise. Today it was revealed that mysterious trailer for Phantom Pain that was shown during last year’s VGAs was

Dad mods Donkey Kong so his daughter can be the hero

Talk about role reversal. There’s no arguing that there is a lack of strong female characters in the video game universe. Hellyou can pretty much say the same for TV

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag trailer gets leaked!

I say you got roughly 5 to 6 hours before this video is removed. So watch it while you can! Today, the trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 4: Black

Dead Space 3 review – In space no one can hear you sigh

Dead Space has been one of the biggest Survival Horror franchises in recent history. Some would say it has far surpassed its predecessors like Resident Evil. Having played and reviewed the

Is this the mysterious touchpad PlayStation 4 controller?

A new interesting image has popped up online. The image claims to be the rumored PlayStation 4 controller. The image does back some of the claims that we’ve been hearing around

Love at first sight – The Stern Pinball Tron Legacy Edition

Love at first sight – The Stern Pinball Tron Legacy Edition

Review: The Art of DEAD SPACE

We recently received a new art book from Titan Books that explores the perverse horrific world of Dead Space. “The Art of Dead Space” gives an in-depth look at the art behind

10 fan-made PlayStation 4 designs

February 20th is just around the corner and the gamer world is getting antsy with anticipation over what Sony will unveil on the date. Many are more than sure it will be

84-year-old man plays Black Ops 2 with his grandson

I am sure that everyone’s grandpa is cool in some special way. I remember my grandpa taking me to school as a wee lad, and my grandfather had become fond

Warren Spector bids farewell to the studio behind Epic Mickey

Some sad news for all you Epic Mickey fans. Word has gotten out that Disney is officially closing Junction Point Studios. According to Disney, chairman Bob Iger says the company

Take-Two interactive picks up WWE License

As we reported earlier today, THQ’s assets were dissolved to many different video game companies. One highly profiled property that many fans were anxious to hear about was what would