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Top 5 Chrome Extensions

Ever since its release in 2008, Chrome has become one of the best and most used browser. It has surpassed Internet Explorer and FireFox in terms of popularity. It may

Power Ranking the Eldritch Moon Intro Packs

Eldritch Moon is here, and with a new Magic: The Gathering set means we get five new Intro Packs. Intro Packs are great for beginner to intermediate players because they

Top 5 songs from The Simpsons

I have been a Simpsons fan since the ’90s when I came to America, and during those 10-plus years, it gave my brothers, sister and I many hours of enjoyment. They had

Top five astronomy images of 2015

As we end come to an end of the year, I realized something. 2015 was an amazing year for science and space technology, from Blue Origins and their reusable rocket

Top 5 Wii U Exclusive Video Games of 2015

Nintendo is in a really weird spot right now. Their next console codenamed NX is on the horizon and it’s clear that their focus on Wii U is diminishing. While

Top 5 Xbox One Exclusive Video Games of 2015

Seasons greetings, everyone! 2015 is almost over and that means it’s the time of year for eggnog, Santa Claus, and top lists. It was bestowed upon me to create the

Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for the geek in your family

If you are not a geeky person, it can be difficult trying to Christmas shop for the nerds in your family. Being a nerdy guy my whole life, I have

Top 5 MTG Commander 2015 Decks

The MTG Commander series has always been a fan favorite release for the simple fact that nearly all the cards you get are useful, cheap, and synergistic. Commander is a format

5 bad things about Fallout 4

Check out our positive review and video review here. War.. War never changes, but over time video games do and if you are like me, you may be going into

Top 5 non-Madden Football games

Another year has passed and another year of football is upon us with the official start to the NFL season rapidly approaching. While most football fans will  occupy their time

Top 5 ‘MURICA Video Games

Happy Fourth of July! In honor of this great nation’s holiday, it felt appropriate to celebrate by counting down not just the top 5 American video games of all time,

Glen’s top 5 geek films of 2013

*Disclaimer: These picks are my own entirely and does not reflect all of the writers of Nerd Reactor. Also, the movie ‘Her’ has not come out in Ottawa, Canada yet.