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SDCC: Will the real Godzilla please show up?

With one of the biggest comic conventions on the horizon, San Diego has become the powder keg of all things nerd and pop culture. From all walks of life, people flock

Shin Godzilla coming to US in October

Shin Godzilla will make its way overseas after conquering the Japanese box office. It has set its eyes on the US and should make landfall in October. The visit will

First look at Japan’s Godzilla

The Japanese Shin Godzilla, or Godzilla Resurgence (outside Japan), is due out later this year. Over the weekend, a picture of the new Godzilla that Japan is producing was tweeted out

Toho will start filming new Godzilla movie next year

After being in deep slumber since Godzilla: Final Wars, Toho is finally going to their Kaiju reservoir and making their version of Godzilla. They’re not doing this because they are embarrassed of the

Toho Godzilla Collection Blu-ray review: Godzilla 2000, Rebirth of Mothra and Giveaway!

We received a pretty nice little care package from our friends over at Sony, and thanks to them we’ve got the chance to check a few of the newly re-released and

Another Godzilla trailer is leaked online

For the second time this month, a new Godzilla trailer has found its way onto the monitors of Kaiju fans across the interwebs. The first trailer gave us a small

New Godzilla teaser gives first look at enemy Kaiju

Holy [email protected]#$! Just breaking today, the very first trailer for Gareth Edward’s Godzilla. This is the very first full-motion glimpse fans have gotten of the legendary Toho monster. The trailer

David Goyer Re-Writes New Godzilla Film And New Godzilla Blu-Rays Coming Soon

“What you say?!!! Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer writing the new Godzilla movie? Why that is absurd!” Actually no. While David has been known to attribute his talents to