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Teagan Croft cast as Raven in live-action Titans series

DC Entertainment is gearing up a digital streaming service for 2018. Even better, one of the first shows on the new network will be Titans, a live-action version of the

DC’s Titans casting breakdown leaked for Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy

Although TNT’s version of the Titans¬†series was canceled before production last year, DC’s streaming service announced that it would be producing a Titans live-action series featuring Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, and

Superheroes we’ll be seeing in the live-action Teen Titans series

DC is a beast when it comes to live-action series. So far we have shows like Arrow, The Flash, Constantine and Gotham. Pretty soon we’ll be getting Supergirl. Let’s not

TNT’s Titans series to include Nightwing

DC has been really aggressive when it comes to having their characters be portrayed on the small screen. Currently we have Arrow and The Flash on the CW, Constantine on

Teen Titans to get a live-action series starring Nightwing?

DC Entertainment is kicking ass in the television realm. It has already done that with CW’s Arrow, and with¬†upcoming shows like Constantine, The Flash and Gotham, it’s only going to