ThinkGeek 2015 April Fool’s items… and we wish they were real!


Oh ThinkGeek! Yesterday, ThinkGeek released their annual April Fool’s items and they were amazing! While there are many articles circulating that are not true and hilarious, we can expect to have some of ThinkGeek’s products that we wish were real but unfortunately are not. Hopefully, with enough interest, at least some of … Continue reading

Tired of people sneaking up behind you? Now you can stay alert with the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt


Are you a paranoid person who thinks the world is out to get you? Thanks to ThinkGeek, you can feel safer with the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt, since you’ll be more alert of your surroundings. The front of the shirt features an artwork Spider-Man’s head with tingling action. On … Continue reading

Portal 2 Merchandise Is Here Including Turret Plushie

ThinkGeek Portal Products

Valve and ThinkGeek have teamed up to give us nine new Portal 2 products including a turret plushie with sound, Wheatley LED flashlight, cookie cutters, Cave Johnson talking portrait, and more. The turret plushie is calling out to me. Check out the details below. Aperture Laboratories Shower Curtain – At long last, … Continue reading

Review: The Joystick-It from Thinkgeek


When the Ipad first hit the market it opened a floodgate of possibilities for third party accessory developers based on its gaming capabilities alone. You can’t get more nostalgic than playing Atari’s greatest hits, dig dug, or Pac Man on the tablet device, but even with these classics from my … Continue reading

5 Ideas for Your (Geeky) Mothers’ Day Gifts (and What’s Thwipster?)

8 bit flower bouquet from from thinkgeek

Don’t tell me you forgot about Mothers’ Day? Well, that’s what we are here for. To remind you that spending money NEVER stops. Even if you do not have a mother, I am sure that there is a female figure in your life that you want to shower with gifts, … Continue reading

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Giveaway


God bless the man who thought that combining Star Trek and pizza cutting was a good idea. As you can see from the image above, we will be giving away this Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter. It’s modeled after the NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek the original series. It … Continue reading