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First Look at Walking Dead season 7

Entertainment Weekly has provided the first look at The Walking Dead season 7. Although it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, they are definitely building hype around the “reveal”. If you aren’t sure

SDCC exclusives: The Walking Dead’s Lucille baseball bat, Saga action figures and more

San Diego Comic-Con is less than a month away, and Skybound has announced some exclusives for one of the biggest conventions ever. If you ever wanted to feel like an

Norman Reedus to riot if Daryl dies in The Walking Dead

During an interview with Variety, Normal Reedus talked about his new show Ride with Norman Reedus, as well as a little bit about The Walking Dead. He wasn’t able to absolutely confirm anything, but

Clementine is back in a new season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead!

Just in case you missed it during the barrage of news that came out today, Telltale Games released the first teaser trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 3. According to

Negan beating Walking Dead character sound clip analyzed

Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t seen the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead or read issue #100 of The Walking Dead. The big bad wolf is finally here. The

Why The Walking Dead season 6 finale sucks

Being a loyal fan of The Walking Dead television series since season 1, my excitement for the introduction of Negan was incredibly high. Since I am aware of what happens

The Walking Dead season 6 finale causes fan outrage

We recently did a reaction video for The Walking Dead‘s sixth season finale, and the commenters came out in full force expressing their opposition toward the cliffhanger ending. The moments

AMC teases Negan and ‘Lucille’ in The Walking Dead

Uh oh, is that Lucille I see? AMC has released a new teaser image for The Walking Dead featuring Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, holding “Lucille,” a baseball bat wrapped

The Walking Dead teases Negan in the season finale

In the new season finale promo of The Walking Dead, released by AMC Netherlands, it showcases a brief clip of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from behind and his infamous wired baseball

We’re getting a 90-minute Walking Dead season finale!

AMC announced this week that the season six finale airing on Sunday, April 3rd, will be 90 minutes in length. They made the same extension last year for the season

The Walking Dead is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood this summer

AMC’s The Walking Dead is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and it’s not just for Halloween Horror Nights anymore. This new year-round attraction is all about the post-apocalyptic world of

The Walking Dead theme gets an a cappella version

With The Walking Dead Season 6 mid-season premiere airing this past Sunday, The Warp Zone has released a new video of The Walking Dead theme song as an a cappella

Watch the first 6 minutes of The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries

Telltale Games has released an extended preview featuring the first six minutes of The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries. Here we get to see Michonne as a pre

The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere: No Way Out (Review non-spoiler)

As the midseason premiere of Season 6 for one of the most talked about shows in television history, The Walking Dead, looms right around the corner, the anticipation has barely

The Walking Dead: Check out the first 4 minutes of the mid-season premiere

This Sunday is a day everyone has been waiting for. No, it’s not Valentine’s Day. Screw that. It’s The Walking Dead mid-season premiere! To help quench your need of The

The Walking Dead season 6 midseason premiere gets a key art

The Walking Dead returns in one month, and AMC has released a new key art this week. The image is a collection of smaller images including Rick Grimes, zombies being

Here is The Walking Dead teaser trailer to end the new year

AMC just dropped their mid-season premiere trailer which features Rick and his crew escaping the walkers, a gang representing Negan, and Maggie shrieking Glenn’s name. It has been confirmed we will

Norman Reedus bit by fan at convention, will not press charges

Norman Reedus’s character has to worry about zombies biting him in AMC’s The Walking Dead series. Now it looks like the actor has to worry about getting bit in real

Giveaway: The Walking Dead Season 5 Limited Edition Blu-ray

With the midseason finale of The Walking Dead Season 6 now over, fans will have to wait until February of 2016 for the second half to premiere. This gives others

The Walking Dead NR Podcast – S06E08 ‘Start to Finish’ review

  We’re back for another NR Podcast for the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. On today’s show, we recap the episode title, “Start to Finish.” This is the final