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The Walking Dead season 6 midseason premiere gets a key art

The Walking Dead returns in one month, and AMC has released a new key art this week. The image is a collection of smaller images including Rick Grimes, zombies being

Here is The Walking Dead teaser trailer to end the new year

AMC just dropped their mid-season premiere trailer which features Rick and his crew escaping the walkers, a gang representing Negan, and Maggie shrieking Glenn’s name. It has been confirmed we will

Norman Reedus bit by fan at convention, will not press charges

Norman Reedus’s character has to worry about zombies biting him in AMC’s The Walking Dead series. Now it looks like the actor has to worry about getting bit in real

Giveaway: The Walking Dead Season 5 Limited Edition Blu-ray

With the midseason finale of The Walking Dead Season 6 now over, fans will have to wait until February of 2016 for the second half to premiere. This gives others

The Walking Dead NR Podcast – S06E08 ‘Start to Finish’ review

  We’re back for another NR Podcast for the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. On today’s show, we recap the episode title, “Start to Finish.” This is the final

The Walking Dead NR Podcast – S06E07 ‘Heads Up’ review

We are back with all-new podcast and all-new episode of The Walking Dead. On today’s show, Mike and John recap the latest episode titled, “Heads Up.” Tensions are high when

The Walking Dead NR podcast – S06E06 ‘Always Accountable’ review

We are back will an all-new batch of podcasts for you this week starting off with an all-new episode of The Walking Dead. On today’s show, John and Mike recap

‘The Walking Dead’ finally casts iconic villain!

As a long time comic book geek and avid reader of The Walking Dead comic series, one question has been on my mind that would finally persuade me into really

The Walking Dead Podcast: S6E5 ‘Now’ Recap and Review

Nerd Reactor’s Mike and John recap and review last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. We now go back to the town of Alexandria and get to see how the

Two sides of Glenn’s fate: What if he…? (The Walking Dead)

Warning: Contains spoilers to the Walking Dead Episode titled “Thank You.” It’s been almost two weeks since Glenn’s apparent demise and everyone is still on the edge of their seats.

The Walking Dead 6×04 ‘He’s Not Here’: Morgan finds peace

I know a lot of people were really upset last night for airing an episode that did not reveal a favorite character’s fate, but this episode “He’s Not Here,”was definitely

The Walking Dead: Proof that THIS PERSON is still alive

*Contains spoilers – do not read if you don’t want to know.* Last night’s The Walking Dead ended with a gruesome death of Nicholas and fan-favorite Glenn. No one cared

The Walking Dead NR Podcast – S6E3 ‘Thank You’ review

We’re back for another new episode of The Walking Dead. On today’s show, Mike and Robert recap last night’s episode titled, “Thank You.” Alexandria is under attack, and Rick and

The Walking Dead 90-minute episode and Preacher trailer premiere on November 1

November 1st is going to be a big day for AMC. Fans will be treated to an extended 90-minute episode for The Walking Dead, and they will get to see the trailer

The Walking Dead ‘JSS’: Who is Enid exactly?

Last night’s episode left us with many questions: What does JSS mean? Solved: Just Survive Somehow We see Enid’s backstory as her parents are killed off by the zombies, her

The Walking Dead NR Podcast – S6E2 ‘JSS’ review

Mike and John return for an all-new episode of The Walking Dead. On today’s show, we recap the second episode of Season 6 titled, “JSS.” With only two episodes into

The Walking Dead 6×02 ‘JSS’ trailer

On the next The Walking Dead, Alexandria has been breached… we think. The noise we heard from the last episode was coming from Alexandria, causing the walkers to head towards

The Walking Dead NR Podcast – ‘First Time Again’ S6E1 Review

Nerd Reactor is back with an all-new Walking Dead podcast for Season 6. Join me along with John, Mark and Arvin as we take a look at the Season Premiere

Fear The Walking Dead’s ‘Flight 462’ first photo and synopsis

AMC has just released the first image from their one-off special Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. The new special, which airs during The Walking Dead sixth season’s commercial breaks

No, Carl Grimes was not on Fear the Walking Dead

During the airing of Fear the Walking Dead, there was a short clip of new survivors entering the camp in Los Angeles. There was one particular survivor that everyone jumped