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The Nice Guys Review

From Lethal Weapon to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Shane Black has been instrumental in evolving the buddy cop genre. After delving into the superhero genre with Iron Man 3, Black has

Go retro with this 70s-inspired animated short for ‘The Nice Guys’

It’s Throwback Thursday so it’s time to celebrate by watching this cool retro animated short for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys. The short certainly captures the cartoons of the 70s

Check out Joel Silver’s “epic meltdown rant” in this junket outtake for ‘The Nice Guys’

It’s tough and competitive out there in Hollywood. The pressure to make a film successful would certainly make someone go crazy. It seems as if the pressure has gotten to

Warner Bros. releases character posters for ‘The Nice Guys’

After releasing a hilarious trailer for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, Warner Bros. released a set of character posters for the film highlighting the all the chic characters in the film.

Check out the final hilarious trailer for Shane Black’s ‘The Nice Guys’

Shane Black’s The Nice Guys is shaping up to be the comedic sleeper hit in a summer filled with action blockbusters. Each trailer provides a bevy of laughs, and the final

Celebrate Throwback Thursday with a ‘The Nice Guys’ ’70s retro trailer

What a way to celebrate Throwback Thursday than by releasing a retro trailer. Warner Bros has released a cool ’70s retro trailer for the Shane Black ’70s buddy cop film, The

Warner Bros. releases hilarious webisodes for ‘The Nice Guys’

Ready for a laugh? Warner Bros has released a few hilarious webisodes featuring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. The webisodes follow the faux life versions of Russell Crowe and Ryan

Visit 1970s Los Angeles with the latest trailer for ‘The Nice Guys’

Before we see Shane Black goes back to the 80s with Predator reboot, he’s going back even further with his latest film, The Nice Guys. Shane Black directs the action comedy that