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Season finale of Real Housewives of Horror is to die for

Reality shows have taken over the airwaves, and just like everyone else, I too have my guilty pleasures in the Real Housewives domain. Well, it’s actually the Real Housewives of Horror

What if Batman’s parents are still alive?

Bruce Wayne has changed his entire life because of the traumatic death of his parents. Now he is the Batman, Gotham City crime fighter and the world’s greatest detective. Well, what

New Saber gives us some hot Jedi threesome action

May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) is almost upon us, and here is a video that will definitely get you excited. If you thought two women fighting with lightsabers and tearing

Interview with Nerdist News’ Jessica Chobot

Chances are if you’re into video game and nerd culture, you probably have heard of Jessica Chobot. She took the video game community by storm with her PSP-licking viral photo,

Drunk Justice League just in time for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s never too early to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, even if you’re a member of the Justice League. When they’re not fighting crime, they’re busy drinking at a local pub.

Michael Rooker and CM Punk make a cameo in Nerdist’s Star Wars parody

The Nerdist has released part 3 and 4 of their Star Wars parody video where they’re recruiting different celebrities to help them find the stolen lightsaber. You see, the lightsaber