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FIFA Promises Goal Line Technology for 2014 World Cup

After the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa many fans were left scratching their head as to why FIFA had not yet adopted Goal Line Technology (GLT).  Frank Lampard’s

The Black Diamond III review – The colorful Bluetooth speaker

Hello again. Time for another grand adventure tech review from yours truly. Today, we take a look at the Black Diamond 3, in a partnership with Yantouch and Acase. At

Tamagotchis are back! Now they’re on your smartphone

Remember Tamagotchis? The little pixelated creature that would take a digital shit in your pocket? Good times. Well, they’re back and now they have made their way onto your smartphone with

CES 2013 – Impressions from a weary survivor

The Nerd Reactor crew has survived yet another week-long ordeal at CES (Consumer Electronics Show.) Talk about being victim to the things you love, because at this concluding day of

The VicamPlus – Turn an iPhone 5 into a GoPro rig

The VicamPlus – Gadget turns an iPhone 5 into a GoPro rig

Reactor-Tech Episode 1.5: Return from CES

How does spending a week in Vegas, surrounded by fellow nerds, the latest in electronics, and free swag sound? Well, our boys at Nerdreactor.com took a trip yet again this

CES 2013: Hands On Impression with NVIDIA GRID

As a gamer myself, I have my own suspicions of cloud-based gaming. The idea of simply streaming the footage of the games controlled from a server sounded like a gamer’s

Disney creates interactive Robot that can play catch

It’s no secret that Disney has always been at the cornerstone of innovation, or should I say Innovention? Huh?! Get it?! Ah, never mind. Anyway, I found this really cool

Review: Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset

Over here at NR we recently received a new pair of gaming headphones from Skullcandy. It has been awhile since Skullcandy has released a gaming headset. I vividly remember my friend purchasing one

An iPhone 6 design you want

An iPhone 6 design you want

Logisys PC Remote Start add-on

Logisys PC Remote Start add-on

Goodbye G4, I shall not be watching you again

Long before Nerd Reactor, there was a television station that focused on not just gaming but also technology known as G4. It started back in 2005, and I have watched

Apple to start producing in the US, and why you should care

We try not to get into politics much here, but this is news worth looking at, if not celebrating. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced that Apple will start production of

SONY – Next step to 4K Ultra HD

The next step to 4K Ultra HD-video is a step closer, for those who can afford it. Sony has unveiled that along with their $25,000 price tagged 4K Led TV

Review: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

Nerd Reactor received the new Game Capture HD PRO from the nice people over at Roxio. Being relatively new to capturing video for game consoles, the Roxio Game Capture HD

Razer announces new upcoming line of gaming surfaces: Invicta, Manticor, Destroctor 2, and Megasoma 2

A brand that any hardcore or professional PC gamer knows all too well, Razer’s, products have always been known for two major points; design, and quality. While seemingly straying away

Roccat Isku Keyboard Review: Why can’t I hold all these macroes!?

Gaming on a PC has its various quirks. Primarily, you have to figure out what makes you comfortable when doing those multi-hour marathon sessions, whether playing a lot of Counter

Hitachi – New gadget for endless digital storage

Hitachi – New gadget for endless digital storage

APPLE TV inches nearer

APPLE TV inches nearer