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What’s the Wankband?

If you think the good ol’ people at PornHub were just a one trick pony, think again. Their scientists have been hard at work on a project that just might change and

Neptune Duo: A revolution in the Smart Watch?

Timing is everything. As the market for wearable technology increases, so do the standards of innovation. We already have the Pebble as well as the Galaxy Gear, and now we

CES 2015: Steelseries sets its sights on eSports with the Sentry and Apex M800

Starting off our CES roundup for 2015 is one of our favorite veteran companies of eSports, Steelseries. The showcase included all the old goodies with the addition of two highly

Top 10 PC Gaming Tech of 2014

We’ve tested more mice, keyboards, headsets, and gear in 2014 than ever before here at Nerd Reactor. With the year coming to a close and CES just around the corner,

New Age Performance 6DS mouthpiece (review)

I know the last thing you expect to see from Nerd Reactor is a fitness product review, but the folks over at New Age Performance sent out one of their

4Chan leaks hundreds of hacked celebrity nude photos

Today is probably not the best day for Apple and all the heads over at iCloud, because news has just broke that a hacker was able to bypass the service’s

TechBlocks contest offers up to $30,000 for app development!

Have you ever dreamed of having your app on the front page of the app store? Well if you’re a North American business or charitable organization, you might just be

Quite the conversation starter, the LD West holster review!

In the midst of our morning routine, many of us have spent hours trying to find the perfect fashion accessory. We crave that little piece of individuality that is professional, but

If real life had lag, this is what it would look like

Lag can certainly be the vain of an online user’s online existence. Wither it is playing video games or just trying to watch a funny cat video on YouTube, nothing

ASIMO is back and better than ever!

It feels so long ago when Honda first unveiled their little robot that stunned the world. After Honda’s amazing demo, it seemed like it would be no time at all before everyone

Get your very own Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ iDROID

One of the little inside jokes Hideo Kojima threw into Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was the inclusion of the new codec called the iDroid. The device is obviously

HBO’s Silicon Valley: A smart comedy about startups

With the emergence of apps and websites being sold to Facebook, Google, Apple, and every other large web company, it was about time someone made a television show poking fun

The future is now: German pole-dancing robots

Somebody give me a dollar or a microchip or something? Do you think they also take SDD cards? There is just no limits to the wonders that science can create

How Google Glass and other augmented reality eye-wear can be incorporated into gaming

When Google Glass was first announced, my initial thoughts were quite indifferent. I didn’t see it as a huge advancement in the wearable-tech industry due to it’s limited use. With

GamesterGear Cruiser Xbox 360 Headphones Review: Some assembly required

Speaking as someone who doesn’t normally play console games with a headset, I feel like I’m missing out on something in regards to the Xbox Live community. I don’t take

Dual Review: ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Mouse and Sense Mousepad

ROCCAT has been quickly making a name for themselves by providing PC gaming peripherals that have tools catered specifically towards online gamers. There’s no doubting that they make some fairly

Want to be better at golf? Now you can!

Having trouble with golf? Or trouble with your swing? Don’t know what you’re doing wrong? Zepp Labs have created the world’s first motion engine system to analyze and record golf

Need to track your heart rate? You can now through an App!

As an avid runner and fitness junkie, I like to keep track of my heart rate and calories lost. I usually use the machines I run on to determine my

Introducting the SwannSmart Wi-Fi Network Camera with Secure Cloud Storage

Going to be away from home more often? Feel like you need more security? With the technology allowing us to access more through out phones and tablets, we now can monitor our

LG Optimus G Pro (E980 Model) review

Here’s a short list of what this phone won’t do: -Make toast -Automatically bring home hot women for you -Raise the dead Trust me it was a lot easier to