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NR Podcast #21b: SyFy’s Fangasm Ep 103 Recap – Pitching to Stan Lee

It’s a funny thing when the thing we’re looking forward to most Tuesday nights is NOT Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (you can check out our recent recap to find out

NR Podcast #20b: SyFy’s Fangasm Ep 2 Recap and Review

SyFy’s Fangasm has the luxury of airing after Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on Tuesdays. It’s good for us, since it’s a double dose of nerd entertainment. We’re hoping Agents of

NR Podcast #19b: Nerding up with Syfy’s Fangasm

Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes SyFy has been getting some flak for its cosplay reality TV show, Heroes of Cosplay. When they announced that there’s another geek reality

SyFy’s Fangasm Ep. 1 review – Putting geeks in the spotlight

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is one of the fastest-growing comic conventions in the nation. The 3-day Los Angeles event is already expecting over 60,000 attendees this year… and it’s only

Top 10 SyFy Channel Ads

If you’re a fan of science fiction then you are likely familiar with the SciFi Channel. And though, everyone has their favorite SciFi Channel “era”, it should be noted that

DEFIANCE – State of the Game (MMO)

Released in early April, 2013, DEFIANCE proclaimed to have the unique setup of showcasing an Massive Multiplayer Online game that provided themed content alongside its weekly episodes on the SyFy

SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay’s fabricated drama brings two cosplayers together

It’s no surprise that a lot of reality TV shows have forced drama to attract the general public. This is especially the case with Heroes of Cosplay, a SyFy show

Cosplay photographer is set on suing Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay

Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay is getting slammed by the cosplaying community left and right, but yet the cosplayers can’t take their eyes off of it. It looks like things are

Will SyFy’s ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ series be good for the cosplay community?

SyFy has just released the first episode of their six-part series about cosplaying entitled “Heroes of Cosplay” to the public (our review is here). Prior to that though, there were

SyFy’s intro of Cosplay to TV: Heroes of Cosplay Episode 1 Review

[Editor’s Note: While Lawrence is friends with Riki and Yaya, this does not stop him from giving a critical review.] On my way to Anime Expo 2013 on July 3rd,

Syfy to promote cosplay with ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ featuring Yaya Han, Riddle and more

Riddle as Wasp – Photo by Pixelette Photography Many cosplayers and fans were worried with how the Syfy channel was going to portray cosplayers with its upcoming show focusing on

Battlestar Galactica Online News

Are you missing the days wondering who was a cylon?  Searching for the fabled 13th tribe?  Well Battlestar fans here’s something to look forward to.  Bigpoint is developing a tactical

Battlestar Galactica MMO Is Frakking Coming!

Here’s hoping this new MMO game, based on the cool Syfy show Battlestar Galactica, gives the fans what they want with cool dog fights going against the toasters (Cylons). Bigpoint

Chatting with Tyrannical Genius, Adrian Zaw, of Upcoming SyFy’s THE RESISTANCE Series

You can say that Adrian Zaw is paving the way for Asian American actors to be more than just the martial artist or comic relief (John Cho, I still love