SWTOR: Rakhgoul Event 150k+ credits per hour

The process is extremely simple and can be done by any character in any factions, as long as you have fleet access and can enter a flashpoint. 1. Become infected

New Star Wars: The Old Republic novel in the works

While Drew Karpyshyn (Mass Effect, Neverwinter Nights), the lead writer for the popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic and author of the tie-in novel Revan, may not be with BioWare

Guild Leaders of SWTOR, Unite!

Bioware has just announced that they will be hosting a guild leader summit in Austin, Texas from March 4th to the 6th. The event is invitation only, but any guild

Adam’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Level 10-30 Review

Over-hyped. If I was asked to describe SW:TOR with one (hyphenated) word, that would be it. But, fortunately I get to describe exactly why I have these feelings about a game that

The Old Republic: Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video, Plus Full List

During the weekend of BlizzCon 2011, BioWare decided to give its fans a look into exactly what their $140 + Tax will be getting them for their Collector’s Editions of

The Old Republic: Guild Alignment

In March of 2011, Bioware decided to launch an early online guild system for The Old Republic. They have recently announced that this was only phase 1 of their guild