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Teagan Croft cast as Raven in live-action Titans series

DC Entertainment is gearing up a digital streaming service for 2018. Even better, one of the first shows on the new network will be Titans, a live-action version of the

Hanukkah Sameach! Eight superheroes who celebrate Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah! In honor of this Jewish celebration which ends this week, we wanted to share with you a list of eight superheroes in comic books who you may not

Petco prepares for Halloween with the geekiest of costumes

Petco has released their new Halloween collection that is now available at Petco.com and in stores nationwide. A variety of costumes are available for your animal friends, ranging from being

Superheroes of the Middle Ages

Lee Falk’s The Phantom, a prototypal superhero who debuted in 1936, followed by Superman in 1938; what if I were to tell you stories of superheroes existed well before that?

SDCC 2014: Meeting with Legend of Korra’s Janet Varney and David Faustino

This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, my colleague and I had the opportunity to meet with two of the lead voice actors of Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra. We spoke to

Superheroes and reality TV show meet in Real Heroes trailer

Check out the debut trailer for Real Heroes, a Kickstarter-funded comedy movie about B-level superheroes living together in Los Angeles on a reality show. You have your single mom hero, the

Little girls can be superheroes too!

Almost every little girl grows up wanting to be a superhero. With very limited heroes for girls to look up to (if you look at the movies with super heroines

Superheroes: The Never-Ending Battle 3 Part PBS Doc airs Oct 15 (review)

On October 15th, PBS will air Superheroes: The Never-Ending Battle, a trilogy of documentaries about he creation of comics books, the superhero genre and its development. This three-part series will

Window Washers dress as superheroes for Childern’s Hospital

A very cool story is coming out of Memphis, Tennessee. The kids at the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital have been seeing something different flying by their windows lately, their favorite superheroes. The

All Superheroes Must Die: A torture porn superhero movie is coming our way

I can imagine the lunch meetings with the producers behind the All Superheroes Must Die movie. Producer #1: I do enjoy those Saw and Hostel movies. We need to make