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New 10 Cloverfield Lane Super Bowl TV spot

During the big game, the much talked about Cloverfield sequel/prequel/spin-off released a new TV spot showing off some new footage from the secret Bad Robot film. The TV spot gives

You can now buy Katy Perry’s Halftime Show ‘Dancing Sharks’ costumes

This will probably be the single greatest thing that anyone takes away from this year’s Super Bowl. Shortly after their appearance during Katy Perry’s Halftime Show, the Internet exploded and

Twitterbowl: Chris Pratt and Chris Evans will both visit children’s hospitals

In case you missed it, earlier this month Marvel’s Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a wager over this year’s Super Bowl. It only seemed natural being that Chris Pratt

Conan’s Clueless Gamer: Marshawn Lynch vs Rob Gronkowski play Mortal Kombat X

Conan flew to Phoenix to meet with Seattle Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch and New England Partiot’s Rob Gronkowski to challenge them to play Mortal Kombat X. Conan released a preview clip

Super Bowl XLIX: Team Star-Lord VS Team Captain America

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are going to the Superbowl! Fans everywhere are excited about this match up, but geeks everywhere are excited about the battle between

Watch These Superbowl Ads Now Before Game Day Including Young Vader and Pissed Off Bumblebee

Here are a bunch of Superbowl ads that are going to be shown during the Superbowl. These ads have been posted online by companies to get a head start and