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Nintendo glitch bans Smash Bros. players for up to 136 years

If you are playing Smash Bros. on the 3DS, you may find yourself a victim of a glitch that will ban you for…wait for it…136 years. This came from reddit

Nintendo’s new Amiibo commercial shows how they work

November 21st is a good day to be a Nintendo fan, since Super Smash Bros. arrives on the Nintendo Wii U along with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the

Nintendo Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.

Did you catch the Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U? Titled “50-Fact Extravaganza,” Nintendo, with the help of the Super Smash Bros. announcer, showed off

Super Smash Bros. Wii U version will have an exclusive Star Fox stage

With Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS releasing Friday, Nintendo seems to be slowly shifting attention the the Wii U version which should be coming out late November. Super

The Wii U Super Smash Bros. may release on November 21

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS will be available on October 3rd, but Nintendo has been pretty quiet about when the Nintendo Wii U version will be available. Twitter

Xenoblade’s Shulk joins the battle in Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s newest Nintendo Direct had some special announcements which included an “upgraded version” of the Nintendo 3DS featuring a new CPU with Xenoblade Chronicles arriving to the Nintendo 3DS. That wasn’t all

New Super Smash Bros 3DS XL Limited Edition Pack

Super Smash Bros fans in Europe, get your wallets ready for October 3rd! Nintendo recently announced they will be releasing a Limited Edition Pack for the 3DS (only in Europe)!

SDCC 2014: Nintendo offers playground for fans to play and compete

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, Nintendo presents itself at the exhibition hall in the convention center as well as the ballroom at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. There

Lucia, Robin and Captain Falcon confirmed for Super Smash Bros

During Evolution 2014, C9 Mango was crowned the “King of Smash” after winning in the Grand Finals of Super Smash Bros. Melee, which was sponsored by Nintendo of America. Nintendo President Reginald “Reggie”

Videogame BANG! E3 2014 Recap Day #3

This is it everyone, our final daily recap of our experience at E3. After having an amazing three days at the show we are finally back in our hometown of

Videogame BANG! E3 2014 Recap Day #2

Day two is in the books, ladies and germs. This time we have a little different episode than what you heard last night as we are going old school! Cory

E3 2014: Super Smash Bros Wii U impressions

One of the most anticipated games in 2014 belong to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Not far off, the Super Smash Bros Invitational line was already packed with fans

E3 2014: Pac-Man and The Goddess of Light Palutena join the Super Smash Bros battle

During the Nintendo E3 Direct video, a few new announcements were made for Super Smash Bros. including two new fighters which include your Mii and Kid Icarus’s “Goddess of Light” Palutena.

Videogame BANG! E3 2014 Recap Day #1

Day One at E3 is a wrap, ladies and gentleman. Cory and Aaron are joined by Jada from their make shift studio in a cheap Los Angeles hotel room joined

E3 2014: Thousands of fans line up for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Invitational

  Today marks the beginning of Nintendo’s first Super Smash Brothers invitational! The first attendee lined up last night at 9pm. Since then, several thousand fans have shown up in

Nintendo’s E3 showcase list leaked online

Looks like someone on Reddit was able to get Nintendo’s E3 packet early and share the image online. There are quite a few things people have expected to see online

Nintendo announces a GameCube controller adapter for Wii U

Don’t put away those Nintendo Gamecube controllers just yet, Nintendo has announced they will be releasing a a Gamecube adapter for the Wii U later this year. The adapter will be connect to your

Nintendo will give out 3,000 wristbands for the Super Smash Bros. E3 Tournament

For the second year Nintendo won’t be holding a press conference at E3. Instead it will be holding an invitational 16-man Super Smash Bros. Tournament on June 10th, which is also the

Nintendo won’t be holding a press conference at E3, but will have a Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Nintendo has announced that this year it will once again not be holding the traditional press conference at E3. So what can we expect during E3? How about the company

ICYMI: What you should know this week, February 14 2014

  It’s been a busy week in geek culture and in case you missed it (ICYMI) on Nerd Reactor, here’s a round up of stories that you need to see.